Well here we go ..

Proof positive that the left wing nut jobs harp on about democracy, fail to look at themselves when things aren’t going their way and instead start demanding that everyone should ignore what they think and do what these nut-jobs tell them to.

  • What a waste of .. space.
  • Your not listening .. as usual.
  • Your cherry picking .. as usual.
  • Your demanding your own way .. as usual.
  • Your ignoring what everyone says and what’s changing all around Europe .. as usual and probably only protesting because they have no idea of the changing attitudes and because of the mainstream media lying to everyone?

And exactly what are you going to achieve with all this effort and protesting? All this time devoted to do this?

It’s funny because I was once told of a member of my family that they are not happy unless they have something to complain about.

They are a socialist.

When I see this I think of this member of my family and I wonder if they have some sort of psychological problems? Maybe through so sort of deficiency?

However what is interesting about this is that they seem to be, or reported to be, unhappy with Jeremy Corbyn?!

Wait, what?!

Soo .. are these people normally found residing at the bottom of the cliff where the normal crazies live at the top on the edge?!

Or is Jeremy Corbyn not as far left as he portrays himself to be and just on some massive ego trip?!

And as fit this group? I thought the left was to do with the people as a whole but they are demanding now that the whole population ignore what they want and her their way? Who gets to decide what? The one with the biggest mouth and the megaphone? So a Totalitarian state is demanded where a few decide for the many?!

Wait, what?! Is that not what we currently have?!

Ooh wait .. what your saying is what you want is more important than what most want? And that smaller numbers and democracy matters?!

Ooh I’m only just one but .. could you leave contact details because there are things I want and sod everyone else?!

Ooh does that sound selfish? Disregarding everyone else while getting what I want?

Ooh .. never thought of that .. in which case ..

Could you please contact me or leave details of how much of a minority number I need before I can demand things from the majority?!

Ah and therein lies your problem. But it gets better because ..

If you bother to spend any time at all on this blog and actually care for anyone else at all, like you purport to, then you will realise several things ..

A great crime, pain, suffering and mental anguish has been put upon a young mother of Autistic children by the authorisation and lied to by Doctors and threatened with legal action by social services .. while having cervical cancer in top of that!!

There’s a worthy, worthwhile and charitable cause for you .. what’s that now?

Despite the pain and engagement of children and several threats to several lives including the children it’s still only one person?!

Ooh right .. what was the point of your protesting, shouting and screaming exactly?!

What amount of pain, endangerment and suffering is being caused due to Brexit?!

Ooh, what’s that? None? It’s what you feeeel?!

I see .. pain and suffering is not to there with your feelings?!

Gotcha! (Scribbles in notebook because Memory is fucked)

Yeah I’ll tell family that it’s not important .. that our lives, homes, pain and mortality of two disabled adults and five children are not as important people’s feeling. Right.

What’s that? You want people to make donations to you as well?!

Well you’ll probably do better than we did and you must be right about feelings being priority because we got feck all and I’m sure your getting lots, by the look of things?

So are you protesting or shouting and screaming repeatedly so people come around to your way of thinking? Because let me assure you that if this is the case .. umm .. you had better go back to the drawing board because, as per usual, your getting it wrong. Again.

But I guess like the socialist I know your moaning and like them your only happy when your moaning about something?

Oh and I told you long ago on here Jeremy Corbyn was dangerous.

And I have always stated that it is not the entirety of the left which is wrong and completely barking mad..

  • You will never get in until you recognise some of the crazy shit you want puts people off
  • And you have to actually be fair and for the people like you claim to be when your actions are completely different and actively target certain groups for punishment and blame
  • Which makes you the three things you claim you hate .. sexist, racist and bigots
  • Only yesterday I ignored an attack online claiming I was a bigot and then having their beliefs forced on me .. after the third attempt I reacted ..
    • Pointed out that they made errors
    • Pointed out to someone else .. no you cannot be a scientist and religious .. its a fucking contradiction and I am not going to go into it
    • Pointed out that I had ignored them but they had kept on at me then got pleasure and said so by accusing of hitting a nerve .. of someone who can die from getting worked up and ..
    • That this actually made them a bigot because they were mocking my beliefs and forcing theirs upon me .. but I guess when your a left-wing nut job that is perfectly OK as only some opinions count and tends to be the easily disproved and ludicrous sounding ones
    • All I said was ‘Creationists. Shaking my head here’
    • I expect to get told off when I was nt only not in the wrong, nor was I wrong but this is because someone posted a story where an Atos assessor told a gay guy
    • ‘Your wrong (might have said unnatural’) and you need to let God fix you
    • Meaning I did not post the fucking link and ..
    • He was the one being bigotted because he was religious but your not allowed to point this out ..
    • Yup a 1,000 Gods some of which are animals and we are supposed to keep an open mind and believe they are all true
    • Based on books that used to get scientists lie Galileo persecuted
    • Books that have either remained stiff and strict or been warped over the years to fit in with modern life
Yeah .. sorry .. but someone buzzing around the universe, which remember was heresy and blasphemy just a couple hundred years ago and got you killed back then, then magically created man then fucked off never to come back, not matter how much suffering there is.
In most religions there is only one God and they fight and kill each other over this and have done for centuries. That means 90% of them must be wrong?
But curse you to hell if you say anything against any of them.
Yeah well do not look on YouTube because there are plenty of scientists that clearly state that you cannot be religious and a scientist and they have videos upon videos ripping creationists to absolute pieces without being insulting.
Yeah except they will all turn into socialists and go on about how they were wrong pointing out facts because of their feelings.
Well except when the facts ever come along to support their demands, that is.

Leftwing group at odds with Corbyn pushes for UK to stay in EU http://flip.it/Hzcisf


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