Yeah well I seem to spend a lot of time bashing the left, which is not true ..

In case anyone noticed I brutally attack those people and institutions that claim to be left but are liars, while pointing out to the left their stupid ideas that are inevitable failures.

Oh I am sure that I have been labelled as right-wing because as many have discovered on YouTube and by watching the mainstream media .. they lie about you. Lol. Oh how they lie!

You have these .. cliffs. They are so far over on the left and you have these bloody fools gathered together in groups standing right on the edge. I call this cliff edge the borderline to insanity and in fact I have previously stated that these people are so fucking mad they might as well be at the bottom of said cliff.

There are many massive companies .. obsessed with taking over and ruling the world and rake in billions upon billions of pounds while claiming to be leftist and socialist?

Yeah .. no!

Either your really, really shot at maths and somehow fail to realise that when you have most of the money people are starving to death .. or you know people are starving to death because of you which makes you all the more evil when you like to give the impression your a socialist type organisation. Yeah .. born of hell itself!

Your second best trick after fooling the world that you did not exist!

I just had to do it!


Yeah .. they are all for the people while sitting upon tens if not hundreds of billions of pounds, or dollars, while they have tens of, hundred of millions of people working for them for free for fecking years!

Hmm did not know leftist socialists were big fans of slave labour and calling this slave labour is kinda being kind to them.

But let us leave that all to one side momentarily as I move on to what is wrong with the right and this capitalist society?

I have long since claimed that a socialist society simply wont work and it might not seem like it but I have, at times, done given the far right the same treatment.

All I need to do is give one single example, proved the link to one hour long video by a very honest and genuine guy called .. Jim. A Scot and a damn nice one at that.

Now sometimes I kinda .. forget stuff. One of the bugbears and frustrations of having

  • Memory Loss .. added with ..

  • Several things trying to kill me

  • Any my daughter and maybe my grandhchildren

  • While this leftist Britain we live in are well aware of it and not only refused us help but pushed us into a living hell and actively trying to kill us .. dig into the blog archives and ..

  • More coming out in a couple weeks and throughout the rest of 2018

A very, very .. very cut down version of what we have been through and why I started this blog in the first instance.

I am always watching a lot of videos and there are people I like .. but I do not always agree with them on everything. But that is what it is all about .. seeking the truth.

Unless your a leftist in which case you try repeating yourself to attempt to brainwash. When that does not work you start screaming at people in an attempt to brainwash. When that does not work you start flinging insults. When that does not work you start flinging trashcans, bricks and bottles.

This is their plan from the outset and you can easily tell .. are they wearing masks? Well ther you go then. Lol. They know they are in the wrong but will do it anyway.

Favourite of lefties? Oh ‘it is the law’ when it is in their favour and donning masks and smashing crap up when it is not.

So one of his usual videos came up on YouTube and while I sat in the park I thought I would give it a watch. He tends to attack companies for doing some pretty shady shit and it as a company I know and I watched and shocked myself because there was first off, a lot of shady shit. Secondly I knew almost all of this shady shit but over the years I had forgotten.

Yeah .. right .. so you might have gathered that this has gone on a long, long time? Yeah back to the nineties, in fact.

In fact I was around this industry long before this company even started. In fact I owned a couple of products by a previous company they ended up purchasing! Yeah I had forgotten about that.

Now before I state who it is and lead on to the video itself I will state that when your big, worth a lot of money and rake in a lot of money .. no one seems to touch you. Or you get your wrists slapped at worse and they just continue on regardless.

The trouble with this is it becomes infectious and before long ever smaller companies think they can do the same thing because the next guy up got away with it.

What this results in is consumers being sold crap, as I have proven over and over again, sometimes not what is advertised and over times not even fucking brand new, though they forget to tell you that.

Mention this to fanboy morons and they say crap like ‘No, that’s business’ .. not it is not you fucking morons! If it was there would not be fucking laws and new laws being introduced and antitrust, anticompetitive and other rules. That no one enforces or does very little about.

The industry is computer hardware, more specifically gaming .. graphics cards and I give to you ..

nVidia ..


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