Well it seems they are at it again.

I was waiting for this one as I read something about it the other day and I thought there will be a rapid attempt at character assassination and on one of the biggest and most famous names in recent human history.

Something was published about remarks made in his personal diary, I bet some have already guess who it is? These was a personal diary, never intended for public consumption and from a long, long time ago!

Quick .. someone call the THOUGHT POLICE!

Oh? They have already been called and are mobilised? Right, check!

Who did they try to assassinate who has one of the biggest names if not the biggest name? Oh did I mention he was dead?! Yeah .. so fuck knows who it is they think they are sending messages to .. if it is me .. fuck off!

Well it is none other than Albert Einstein about some remarks he made about the Chinese and just like the naïve socialist I know they were up in arms ‘Racist! Boycott this dead man!!’

Guess what the Chinese said?

‘Yeah, he was right. HE came to China a long time ago and we were like that but China today is very different.’

You see .. they are trying to create blame and victims before anyone can work out if there is any blame or before the victims even have time to react?!

Fucking .. morons and a bunch of pussy nannies!

Oh and I love China, just so you know! I had planned to spend two or three months there last year but shit hit the proverbial fan and the fan is still spinning.

Are these people really, really for real?!

I thought it was confined to the one naïve person I know who gave me lectures about what not to say around gay people and what words I can and cannot use.

Years later I had a Scottish lesbian friend, got to know all her mates and all these words I was told for years I could not use were being thrown around like confetti!

They love to hand out victim cards and the one I know is always making them in her head, though she has no reasons good enough to make any and compared to the real victim cards my daughter and I have they pale in comparison and number. Dwarfed, in fact! Oh no but theirs are still more important and very literally I have been told that some light headedness along with feeling they are not cared about, because 100% attention for fuck all is all they will accept, are far more important than a case of terminal cancer. In someone they are related to?! No .. I fucking kid you not.

I am not allowed to talk about the person with a list of health conditions, let alone me, because she will only allow herself to dominate any conversation because .. you guessed it .. FEELINGS!

Yeah .. you think you know because you have listened to Sargon or Vee or someone similar when I, or in fact WE, have had this up close for fucking years.

We have no idea if she was already like this and found this Socialist Worker Party who were full of people like her or the years she worked for free, see what I mean about the left, turned her even worse than she already was?

She has driven one female relative away from her, another female and social worker friend away from her. She has driven us away from her for a year at a time and friends of mine, men and women, fucking run if they see her coming! No .. I am not joking here, lol.

They really are fruit cakes ..

.. I get some pretty serious news and I can go days before I tell a living soul!

They get news nowhere near as serious and they will immediately ring around everyone to tell them and tell them all about their feelings about it. This one expects everyone to drop everything and come running for miles just when they have contracted a cold.

Just a few days ago I was told to walk away from someone who has several things trying to kill her, two autistic children along with two others, threats to be taken to court by her unhelpful social worker and cervical cancer. Yeah .. walk away from that but do cartwheels because they have a fucking cold!

Helping out foreigners while claiming to be socialist and fair to everyone while attacking white people, especially white males .. not giving a crap about their suffering even when disabled and leaving them all for dead.

Nope .. all the left wingers and Antifa I have seen are not only wrong but evil fucking nutters that need to all be rounded up and locked up in the nearest asylum.

The terms ‘fruit loops’ and ‘fruit cakes’ are always popping into my head whenever I hear about these people, read about these people and watch videos about these people.

Yeah and .. we .. both wonder if we are going to still be alive a few months from now and even if we are .. will we be out of the fucking living hell that each of us finds ourselves in?

There is this .. news media thing we have going on, I have spent ten years trying, unsuccessfully until now, to get going and finally we have one out. Well technically two but the first one did not talk to us, went ahead, got things wrong and had to pay one of the many bad guys £20,000 while we have not had a cent. Quite the opposite in fact as they watched me spend thousands upon thousands while they then took money away. Yeah then they threatened a woman with Austistic children, they even lied about that, and cervical cancer and potentially fatal Hypomagnesemia with legal action.

It utterly begs belief, it really does and we wish so much that we could both see a light at the end of the tunnel but we wait and wait and go through our living hells but still await the light to appear.

Yeah .. that is leftist organisations for you and hw they can claim in way, shape or form to bu humane, compassionate and considerate is beyond me.

Your all evil, lying cheating scum putting in a false front to fool the British people your working so hard to kill.

Yet they have failed to realise, or know and helping to conceal it, that the public services are at the very least run by a private company or as I suspect may be the case, already OWNED by a private company.

That would be Serco.

Google the name .. do not bother going to their site and just read what comes up!

Albert Einstein? Yeah .. right.

Are they now creating a list?

  • Stephen Hawking
  • Issac Newton
  • Neil Bohr
  • Erwin Schrodinger and his cat?!
  • Galileo Galilei demonised for a second time?!
  • Richard Feynman
  • Alan Guth
  • Nikola Tesla
  • Mikio Kaku
  • Bill Nye
  • Neil deGrasse Tyson

Hey if they go back in history there was a time when almost everyone was racist, bigoted or enslaved people so that can demonise and go into a frenzy as many times as they want?! Lol.

Chinese defend Einstein’s portrait of their people as ‘filthy’ and ‘obtuse’ http://flip.it/GNTRia


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