Well what do you know?

Everyone one of the Brexit morons transfixed with Brexit again like Rabbits in headlights trying to stop a car with no brakes, exact representation of what is going on, purely over selfish reasons and that democracy now does not work for them .. so ignoring it.

So almost as if getting the British public into fever pitch, not that hard to do despite the fact that it is staring the in the face this is inevitable, deliberately some new crap has come out and the DWP release some stuff.

Remember how the government got caught out stating that due to the British populations tunnel visioned obsession with something else at the time it is a good time to get dirty laundry released so that no one would notice .. or care because of their self-obsession for amoral reasons or .. feelings?! Yeah I cannot recall what it was over either!

Anyway it has become clear that they have not stopped doing this because they just got caught .. well .. doing this!

Hmm maybe this is a possible reason the mainstream news media wold come up with for not reporting on a lot of stuff that they should have?

  • Oh well this other thing came out at the time and we thought the public would be more interested in that and could not afford the screen time?!
    • Non-reason
  • Oh .. everyone loves celebrities and there was this celebrity gossip or celebrity baby or this happened in I’m a Celebrity .. or X-Fuckter!
  • Add your own theories?!
Maybe? I mean if your going to be controlled and have obvious political motivations you have to first have a plan to hide it and then have excuses for it when people notice after many years, right?
  • We will release a few of the not so serious stories for .. tokenism and manipulation to produce misconceptions to hide our true nature or goal
  • After another number of years when this has been spotted we have these excuses we have spent all those years preparing and coming up with
  • Add your own theories?!
So according to the report they are claiming that Esther McVery lied to parliament, and everyone else, and not just once either?! Well that much was obvious ..
I have long since told you she is not sincere! Hence why I do not like her as she comes across as very far removed from anything representing genuine and I have been shocked that she is not seen as this by the wider British public?!
This is another woman in politics that my daughter is disappointed in and now makes a trio of women Conservatives that have disappointed scores of women everywhere.
  • Margaret Thatcher
  • Esther McVey (gets second because she was there before Theresa May showed her true colours)
  • Theresa May
So no one would be denied disability help under the new benefit, which they planned to get rid of anyway ..

.. around 381,000 DLA claimants who were reassessed for PIP did not get it – (The Canary see below link)

“more people are getting PIP than were getting DLA. That really needs to be heard so that we dispel any myths from the Opposition” – Esther McVey to Parliament (see The Canary link below)

Or how about ..

 “supports more people than DLA ever did” – Esther McVey to Parliament yet again (See The Canary link below)

Or how about ..

“I reiterate that under PIP we are supporting more people than before” – Take a wild guess who said that and where you can go and read the report? lol

I am sorry but does not the DWP report show that she lied .. three times?

Yeah I would bet that there are a lot more lies than that!


The Canary report ..

Finger Tip and Toe Tip Sensitivity .. Pain listed here as Fibromyalgia ..

It also states Raynaud’s Disease and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, of which the latter will make a certain someone .. laugh! Osteoporosis is also listed and I was diagnosed with Osteopenia, which is like an early stage of the former.

As mentioned above, Behcet’s Disease could well have been called Hippocrates Disease, and that might be more apt, because the disease can have periods of being dormant, called remission, and periods of activity called ‘flares’ and that the symptoms can appear individually, making it seem like you are a hypochondriac. –

Well there you go.

It is documented on here about my issues with my finger-tips regarding touching the two damn things that I do the most, dirty minds out there can put their first guess straight out of their heads!

My touch-pad on my laptop and my Moto X phone screen. God .. it is irritating as f…. screaming babies! Lol. I find myself biting the tips of my fingers in frustration and as I said when my daughter discovered she had Behcet’s Disease.

She immediately realised I had it asked me how they have missed this for over twenty five years with me and .. well .. yeah I have had it over twenty five years!

Now if your an idiot that thinks this is all a good idea to save the taxpayers money ..

  • How is this saving taxpayers money
  • How can not treating something to allow someone to go to work and therefore pay taxes saving tax payers money?
  • In twenty five years how many times have I spoken with General Practitioners and been fobbed off, also costing the British taxpayer? Trust me it is a phenomenal amount.
  • How many times have I visited various departments in various hospitals costing the British tax payer?! Trust me this alone is a phenomenal amount!
    • Eight GP Surgeries with dozens of Doctors
    • More than one GP seen with all of them and three I met at least three Doctors each
    • Whipps Cross, Barnet, Chase Farm, Royal Free (twice), North Middlesex, St Michael’s and Guy’s Hospitals .. wanted to effing send me to a place in Hillingdon over Fibromyalgia .. right across London (West)
    • All missed Fibromyalgia
      • Upon discovery I knew they had known about it for at least two years
    • All missed Hypomagnesemia
      • Upon discovery failed to link it to other symptoms I had experienced for years
      • Since discovery failed to link it to other symptoms that cropped up
      • Failed to inform on how dangerous it can be
      • Failed to refer me off to check why this occurs
      • Now developed into Malabsorption problem
      • Pain, stress and agony this causes is beyond belief
      • Might not have placed the condition on my medical records, yet to be determined
      • Clear results for other things points to the condition, like Osteopenia
    • All missed Behcet’s Disease
      • This is what actually goes back twenty five years
      • Told condition like this does not exist
      • Discover if not dealt with Fibromyalgia then develops
    • Right Knee Physical Issue
      • Spotted for the second time in three years or so
      • By Dr Kirkham who diagnosed Fibromyalgia
      • At Guy’s Hospital
      • Test done
      • Yell of pain
      • Told physical problem
      • Completely omitted from letter to GP

Also and as it turns out the government have been found to have acted unlawfully over Universal Credit ..

Quite how there can now be anyone left that agrees with the government is beyond me. Obviously to suit there own purposes. Because the one thing you get is ‘It is the law’ or ‘It is not unlawful’ when you put this stuff to defenders of these morons.

Hmm I know Leigh Day!

Now explained to my daughter I am pretty sure I was in contact with them around 14 years ago about my foot pain? Well my case was sent to them after I was pounded upon by the representative of a company like Irwin Mitchell and Slater & Gordon called The Accident Group.

Stated I had the best case they had ever seen, funny as now no one even asks to look at the evidence I collected, and they went bust several months later. My case was passed to Leigh Day I believe?Who were not very good back then and said something completely different to The Accident Group but basically said that because they did not want to fund it.


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