Well what do you know?

It seems that some of the hired liars of the DWP do actually ask about mental health stuff?!

Only this was not the case in my experience with Atos, nor others but it seems that with Maximus they do. Only this is one question that they asked ..

“Why did you not succeed in killing yourself?”?!

So then just like if you have all four limbs your fit .. if your still alive your not suicidal because otherwise you would be dead? Fucking lying, evil and utterly stupid morons!

Yeah you just keep on digging!

They have also been told that it is inappropriate to ask to look at self-harming scars?!

Right .. so it is OK to ask someone who self-harms why they have not succeeded in killing themselves yet but is inappropriate to ask to see their scars?! Riiiight!

Hmm maybe if you spent some money actually finding out what ailments are causing this and fucking treat them maybe you would not have to assess most of them?!

In my own issues I have had this for way, way over twelve years and can be traced back over twenty and, like with my Fibromyalgia four years ago, I had to discover for myself this is down to a magnesium problem. A magnesium problem that requires an expensive test, here let me look it up ..

There is the expensive ExaTest that tests intracellular mineral electrolyte levels and is considered the gold standard for magnesium testing. http://www.afibbers.org/forum/read.php?9,154303,154355

So are they likely to do this? No.

This turns out to be not only what is behind much of my stuff but also behind some of my daughter’s issues too. More on that in the coming weeks and I have talked about this previously on here.

The Canary and that stupid question ..



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