After yesterday ..

I was sitting in the park and suddenly realised my thighs were hurting quite a bit and remembered they ached a little last night.

I should have taken pills last night when I noticed they were aching and I forgot. I also shot out the house, do not even get me started on this, and forgot to take them this morning.

I cycled for three days in a row hoping that the cycling might reduce the heart issues but seems to have succeeded only in depleting my magnesium faster than I can absorb it.

I had stayed out for around four hours on the third day of cycling and this looks to be a mistake .. but only if it was the cycling that had this depleting magnesium effect and it is not just something that happens at random?

Making this even more bizarre is that I have actually eaten normally and all meals with leafy vegetables and meat, known to be high in magnesium.

So the only things I have changed recently and leading up the trying to get to a GP and then feeling like I was having a breakdown and then barely able to walk was the cycling and eating normally.

I have even asked myself if it could even be possible that eating brought this on, but it makes no sense at all and I simply cannot think of even how this could be possible?!

Exercise does deplete magnesium and as I had been doing this for three days, with the irony of it being so that I could make this journey without issues, I have to conclude that this is what caused the issue.

So I ate ..

  • All Vitamin Pills taken for four days with no misses
  • Chicken Salad Sandwich
  • Steak Pie and Runner Beans and mashed potato
  • Salad with slices ham, rocket, cabbage, egg, boiled potatoes and spring onions
  • Two home made Burgers with lots of salad rocket, lettuce, gherkins (no chips .. EVER)
  • Purdey’s Drinks on odd occasions, with Vitamins
So with that and the Magnesium, Calcium and Vit D3 pills along with the B-Complex pills and even Glucosamine Sulphate how could I be low on bloody magnesium?!
Now remember? A magnesium deficiency is and had been fatal even to sportsmen and often out of the blue and with little or no warning. A .. deficiency.
I am getting king-sized headache, metaphorically speaking, warnings and this is more now than just a deficiency and is a malabsorption problem and .. well .. they kind of need to find out why .. because if I die in my present circumstances a lot of people are going to ask some very awkward questions of ..
  • NHS
  • DWP
  • Local Councils .. two in fact
Well .. I have been viewed by a fair few people and those that have read my health stuff will be a wee bit more than merely suspicious.
The rest that do not will ask why .. look into it .. find out and come to the same conclusions.
Then there are my family members, though one of which I do not want being hurt with everything she has going on. That is what bothers me the most about all this.

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