The evening after I compiled a set of medical note bullet points in an upcoming post ..


.. I had a bad night. A really bad night and in a lot of stomach pain that had me on and off the bed, sitting on the floor and clutching my stomach and wanting to die. It was .. rough. This has been an on and off thing for some years now and what I thought could be diverticulitis, though I had no diarrhoea but then I have not been eating much and lost a couple of stone and still decreasing.

This continued on from around 9pm or so until 5am in the morning at which point the pain had subsided enough that I fell asleep. I then was frustrated when I woke the next morning and to my shock with a different fucking pai riving me nuts. It was 2pm and I so bloody hate that. So I went and sat in the park and had my usual green Monster drink and then decided to get my bike out and go for a cycle. I am living in fear I am going back to the days where I do not sleep at night and last night did not help. My eye had calmed down a bit but when I awoke it felt like someone had hit me with a baseball bat and oddly enough it is my right eye I have always stated on here and to General Practitioner’s I have issues with. I must stress this to the next GP when I tell them about the Hypomagnesemia and Behcet’s Disease.

I realised upon getting my bike out that the tyres were a little spongey and I hd to leave the bike and try and find my pump, which I could not because someone moved everything around without consideration to my heart or memory issues among many others.

By the time I had to sk and then retrieve it I was already a lttle out of breath .. a lot of crime around here and I had left a decent bike outside .. no choice. I then pumped up by tyres and .. my God .. I was knackered and my heart was pounding like there was no tomorrow. I had to spend ten minutes or more leaning on some railings and it seemed my heart was just not going to calm down. IN the end it had come down enough for me to take my chances and cycle, hoping that if I take it gently it will just settle in a few minutes. It did.

I cycled for a few miles and ended up in EC1 near where some family come from.

At one point I got off the bike and walked for a bit and I had crossed over from EC1 to N1 and when I had I saw this rather neat establishment, cannot recall if it was a bar, pub or cafe, and as I looked across the road there appeared to be seats made out of pillows?! I thought that this cannot be right and they must be made of concrete but made to look like pillows?

I walked across the road to investigate and sure enough they were concrete and I spotted the word ‘pillow’ on the side of one of them. This was somewhere on Vestry Road.

I had spent the day wondering about some of the major mistakes I had realised with my medical notes, some that were immediately obvious, like why did they only go back two years, and others I realised later.

I had especially been thinking of one that I had only realised this morning and had to warn my daughter about it.

In fact a great many people need to be aware of this because I have this theory that from here on on, for the last couple of years and for the foreseeable years people are going to die at the hands of the NHS and no one will be any the wiser?!

When this post comes out, called ‘MEDICAL NOTES: THE RUN THROUGH’ you need to pay attention as the mistakes will be obvious.

They in fact may have already affected you or someone close to you without you already knowing it and will no doubt affect others over the years to come.

These can and will be fatal.

But .. it is a clear omission that wont be listed on anyone’s medical record and once realised it will be very clear to see.

So will the NHS be doing this deliberately?

Now if this is the case the people behind it are idiots as there has already been a report claiming they might be responsible for 120,000 excess deaths. Excess .. deaths. That means above the average and no doubt is conservative.

Time to call it quits on overpaid morons running these public services of this is the case .. all of them .. gone! No ‘ifs’ and no ‘buts’. Not fit for duty, very clearly.

Or .. is it like some believe and there is some culling going on?

Preposterous? Yeah you would think so but did I not read a report somewhere recently that a Tory MP stated we should just let old people die?! No doubt he was talking about his own parents and only that of the working classes and disabled?

You see many in power see us as slaves .. once we become useless at making them even more money in taxes and become an expense they want to hear of our demise or better yet .. be the direct cause of our demise.

Well then there is yet the other biggest Elephant in the room here and that is this ..

They have had the deaths and the problems presented to them several times over the years and yet ..

They continue to ignore them.

They have in recent ties had this reported in the national tabloids, four years late and with out of date numbers of deaths, while also having the reports put to them in the House of Commons and still continued to ignore them?! Stating that privacy of said individuals is for more important that their deaths. Despite the fact they are .. well .. dead?!

So my estimation is that the number of deaths is in excess of 150,000 and possibly 200,000 despite the fact that it was reported as 120,000 for benefit cuts.

Yeah except not only was that figure reported years ago and the suicide rate has sped up .. these were for disabled people .. ALONE!

So it is both conservative to the point of beyond ridiculous and not the whole picture either.

There as figure of 120,000 reported for the NHS too as I already mentioned and this could the a case of the exact same? Conservative and out of date so .. closing in on half a million British deaths at the hands of these welfare cuts?!

Oooh .. yeah sooo …

To now being doing this with the pills fiasco and the medical records is either stupidity of the highest order .. in which case they should be imprisoned and banned from ever working in public office for the rest of their lives or ..

This is part of a long term and fully intended plan I which case they should face the same punishments as Nazis they have spent years tracking down ..

Imprisoned for the rest of the natural lives.

So why is it they spent years chasing down Nazis and this goes on right under our nose and no one even reports it?

Is the crime treated differently depending on who it is you murder even en masse?

If you start asking yourself the same thing does the phrase ‘Master Race’ pop into your mind?


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