I have been walking around aimlessly.

I got wind that someone I know is in hospital and fro someone sobbing on the phone.

God I knew something like this was going to happen and I tried to stop it in several ways, even set up a crowd-funding thing months ago.

Their battery died too so I do not know what has happened .. but I have a theory and it is something I predicted many months ago.

Anything happens I can assure you if I am right then it is as a direct result of the UK government and public services and their lies and neglect.

I might have to email someone I have been holding off over for weeks if anything bad has happened and I have only held back because I know everything I do is .. monitored.

I simply do not want them to get a hold of our contact so that they can run around and bury their lies and murdering ways.

Ah! The boy is OK and it was convulsive fit and vomiting which are?

Symptoms of Hypomagnesemia!

Which if proven to be the case now affects five generations ..

  • My grandmother
  • My Father
  • ME
  • My Daughter
  • Two Grandchildren it now looks like?
    • Though this is somewhat alarming to me now
    • Them being so young and all
As this condition also causes heart, kidney, liver disease, osteoporosis, cardiac arrest and heart palpitations and arrhythmia among other things .. this has serious connotations.
Low magnesium will deplete your calcium, hence osteopenia and osteoporosis, and your potassium, hence Sudden Death Syndrome.
You see it was missed in me and is genetic and even when they did they failed to tell me of the dangers, link previous symptoms and symptoms that have arisen since the diagnosis and of course .. tell me it is genetic so that I might tell me daughter. Who could then keep an eye on her own children.
They also missed it with her and when diagnosed what did they not do? All the same things with me and now we have had a chat .. I have told her what they did not .. AGAIN!
Because two things that low magnesium causes as well are vomiting and seizures .. just like the hundreds, not an exaggeration I assure you, of seizures I have had for over twenty years.
My very, very first bad seizure took place at a friends house a little after the mother of my daughter left me to go and live in Birkenhead.
She left me 23.5 years ago give or take.
I had already been having them and that was the worst one and yes I saw my GP of the time about it .. a Dr Tennekoon.
Twenty five years later and not only have they never sorted this out for me .. it is now affecting my own daughter and my grandchildren.
Yeah .. nice to see what all your tax money is doing for all those salaries for all those years when I could have been fit, healthy and had a career all my life?!

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