Well .. I am having a few issues .. still but before I get into them here is the first shocker ..

Recall seven weeks or more back I said that this house was being turned upside down for maintenance work? That was to first take two weeks .. then they said it might be three .. then they said it might be four?

Well .. today was the last day after around seven or eight weeks. Except they did not turn up!

And let me tell you in no uncertain terms ..

.. the workmanship is absolutely shit and I am not the only one to notice either. They have done things I simply cannot believe they have done. There painting as left runs all over the fucking place and not enough coats put on either. The floors have been done all wrong too and the sinks, bath and toilet? Cheapest nastiest crap you could buy.

The worst part about it as it turns out, well the person of the house got this and everything else wrong regarding this maintenance work, they only worked on three rooms. No, no I am ot kidding here .. three rooms. It gets better ..

Toilet is like 3 feet by 6 feet. The bathroom is not very big as 6feet by 6 feet. Leaving the biggest room the kitchen and that is round 10 feet by 7 feet. Seven to eight weeks. Two tiny rooms and one average room.

I have not even seen my expensive professional camera since before the damned work started .. though I have had little opportunity to take it out.

My health has been driving me crazy and worrying me when it comes to venturing far due to my heart doing somersaults. I have had to opportunities and one of those was at a friends house taking pictures of his animals, mainly frogs and tadpoles.

I have not found my clippers yet, despite now having thought I had moved all my stuff back in here and yes before you think it .. I did try and keep things back but .. well it is the person here they just never think and have no consideration are not very bright but insists they are always right.

Last night and after I wrote everything previous .. I had an issue.

I had previously had some slight aching in my thigh muscles, despite being absolutely sure this time I had taken both the magnesium and the B-complex pills. Remember nothing else. So I have not been taking the Lansoprazole for about ten weeks as I have now read that PPI Inhibitors as supposed to deplete magnesium with long term use.

Remember unless it is a lying member of the NHS who falsify test results and alter letters riddled with omissions .. everyone else is a quack! They will probably attempt to do the same over the National Institute for Health, America’s version of the NHS, which is what the link above takes you to.

Yeah so yesterday I was basically emotionally assaulted by two people in my room who were very obviously wrong. I spoke to one person I know on the phone who knew them well and I spoke to my daughter and explained what had happened and neither of them could believe what was happening here. There is no one out there with any working grey matter that would think they was in the right. What made it worse is I have been physically trying to avoid these confrontations and yet both of them entered my room in quick succession. MY ROOM! And they was in the wrong.

So I ended up going out and it was cold. I sat in a park and shivered for several hours. I ended up having to venture off, heart pounding, to go and buy a jacket, ended up with a much needed waistcoat, gilet type thing. I had also forgotten to take my supplements.

However .. I was able to get back to my things around 2pm and the very first thing I did was take my magnesium and vitamin B.

Except .. around 9m to 10pm my thigh muscles went from aching to distractingly painful to the point I was wondering how bad it was going to get? I had visions of me trying to get to a hospital to see someone.

Of course it goes without saying that I ended up taking another couple of pills, while wondering if it will make any difference at all?

The pain did seem to level out but I do not know whether this was psychological or whether the extra pills actually had an effect?

What got me thinking is .. let me check and make sure that what I am about to type is what I think? I do not trust my memory much of the time.

Investigations have demonstrated a relationship between the manifestations of stress reactions (anxiety, autonomic dysfunction, and maladjustment) and magnesium deficiency (MD). Thus, mental and physical stresses cause an increase in magnesium elimination from the body

Yeah .. stress and anxiety cause magnesium depletion and magnesium being low not only can cause Sudden Death Syndrome but also has a high risk of heart, kidney and liver disease .. heart attack, cardiac arrest and mood swings, tiredness, memory loss and confusion among other things.

Yeah I have explained this to these two idiots to the point where I have said that they could kill me but no .. what they want to harp on about is far more important. But then mild epilepsy I am not even sure is real I have been told is worse than cervical cancer so what do you expect?!

Added to this I am reminded of this fact because a Xenomorph feels like it is moving aggressively or trying to punch its way out of my chest several times each day! This is a warning sign .. pains and symptoms are a warning sign that something is wrong and no Doctor could deny this when put to them, despite the fact they have been ignoring these warning signs on command .. while everyone still gets paid.

Got a reply from an Advocacy group called POhWER, who oddly enough I spoke to some years ago .. probably about this? They replied and stated something about working between me and the NHS and seem keen to point out that they were not affiliated with them. Yet .. they did not state anything about having the ability to take legal action against them. So I had to ask if they were advocacy only as I had clearly pointed out that the NHS had lied through their teeth dozens of times over the years and that there is absolutely no point in acting as a go-between between me and the NHS.

In the last few days I have contacted a list of people .. at least this tie if one of them whinges I have contacted others I can state that not only does everyone take too long, health conditions do not go on hold until someone pulls their thumb out of their arse, but that I have memory issues too.

I have explained both my daughter’s situation and my own and wait to see what transpires from any of these emails.

Now you have to bear in mind that with this you have the following points included that never were previously ..

  • Pro Bono Publico

    • Public is being lied to and I can prove it

  • Cause Celebre

    • Google it .. term solicitors like to use

    • My own case was referred to as one of these around five years back

    • Already two publications regarding this

      • Local Tabloid

      • Weekly Magazine

      • Definite third incoming

      • Talk of many other formats

  • Many diagnosis confirmed now

    • Fibromyalgia

    • Hypomagnesemia

So then .. on the look out for help over a bunch of lies and falsified documents over a now proven condition that can kill me that is easily proven to have been, in the very least, staring them in the face and therefore ignored for three years or more?

You would think this was a ..

  • Walk in the Park?

  • Open and Shut Case?

  • Create a frenzy of helpers this tome around falling over themselves to want to be involved?

Because of the above listed things and the amount of pain and potentially fatal conditions they have ignored and that children are suffering and put at risk knowingly?

Well .. there are myriads of help organisations that you and many other members of the public think are out there and helping people.

In fact it is not unreasonable to state that since this recent thing started seven months ago or more that tens of thousands would have read about it..

Where are the contacts and suggestions of advice?

Where are the organisations that could help and leave contact details?

Go through all my posts and you can go back six years .. you can even go back to the point where I am diagnosed with low magnesium in the first place or when I self diagnosed Fibromyalgia before having this confirmed at Guy’s Hospital. The Osteopenia and the anxiety attacks which were linked to the low magnesium.

You can go back and see as I explain as and when I discover them that my daughter has all my symptoms along with the cervical cancer?

Where are the contacts and offers?

This will continue for the next few weeks and in that time I will attract ever more people and thus far and in grand total .. well it went past 500,000 some months ago .. and added to this ..

Where are the payments from Google where the money earned from ad revenue which seems to have stopped din its tracks as of December 2016 without any notice or reasons given?

Upon discovering errors myself, of which there were two, and correcting said errors how come my earnings are still frozen? Why have they not moved a penny in two months remaining just below the very first threshold limit?

If in a months time I have not had a reply or a positive one from any of the people I have contacted and will contact will you not fin this suspicious? Would not even asking to view the evidence not seem suspicious to you? Would you not care until it actually happens to you? Or maybe someone you care about? Though in my own experiences this is not the case as I have experienced first hand that your own relatives can now be amoral. I have seen and heard it with others too. In fact even in the times you think your involved with a bunch or group of people you think are in the same boat .. they often act like they only care about their own plights.

And all the while the UK continues on, on a downward spiral into the fiery pits of hell when it is almost as if the country is run by Nazi like murderers. Possibly a link there?

People say to me “Oh it wont change it will just get worse!” well yeah .. when you all focused about your own goals and not working together, then yeah. When you expect others to be sympathetic to your own suffering but then not take others into account, then yeah.

Christ almighty I was recently blocked by the most argumentative person I have ever met, that is saying something, because he claimed that I was too argumentative. All because I asked him twice to prove what he was claiming about me, dragging him into two arguments that were not even arguments and only disagreements.

People not only hear what they want to they also only seem to read what they want to as well.

But then he was a self-proclaimed socialist when I met him.

It is like I said to my daughter .. everyone bitches on Facebook that we live in the right-wing country under this evil right-wing government. Funny that as I do not see it that way, other than the government being evil murderers that is. Not only that but I told my daughter that much of America now see us living in a Police State, Nanny State and a communist system. Well we are not .. not completely but much of the actions are this way as are the judges throughout the entire legal system.

Unless it is to do with money and real British people .. then suddenly you see and feel that crush of the right-wing hammer.

Speaking of right-wing hammers on Brits ..

Funny too is that my daughter has been to this domestic violence course today and am currently waiting for her call about this. Spoke to her about 30 minutes before it started and I was surprised she was attending. I told her she should have told them what even a social worker I know said ‘tell them to fuck off’.

But .. as she was there I said that at least she attended and that she needed to go back to the guy that offered her a job and tell him the situation .. that Wirral Council forced her not to do this and it has screwed everything up.

Because Wirral Council deliberately put her in a position where she would fail to do one or the other and had no choice but that they would later use this against her. I knew from day one they were just waiting for a mistake so that they could put themselves in the clear at a later date while placing doubt on my daughter’s character.

Yeah look long enough and you could find the feeblest reasons to call someone’s character into doubt .. while they then go and help paedophiles and domestic abusers when they get out of prison.

While this was going on I have also been hearing that my daughter is getting ever more symptoms like mine. Something else that is worrying me now. While I was there I was relieved that she was not affected by some of the things I have while others were not as bad.

  • Sleep Disorder

  • Memory Issues at a Higher Level

  • Feet Pain

Yeah .. well .. the first of those is now affecting her and I am hearing so such familiar things it is not true.

The second one is too as she now does a me and has to go back to the house two or three times to check if the door is closed or she has not left the cooker on!

Except .. do you know that the social worker spotted a window open in the kitchen on an unannounced visit when my daughter was not home? Yeah well as I have forgotten to point out to my daughter .. she must have gone around the back of the house and looked over a very tall fence. Do you know what they said about this?

  • You cannot be bothered about your domestic abuser husband getting out of jail if your leaving kitchen windows open?

What the actual ‘f’ is that supposed to mean?

I think your a disgusting piece of shit for claiming your going to help him when he gets out of prison and he is being handed a £20,000 cheque too while my daughter has had fuck all from anyone. So there you two faced abusers of double-standards who think your way is right all the time and go quiet and put up no argument or apology when your caught out to be wrong.

Like I said .. FEEBLE!


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