I am not saying a damn word about this one .. except for that I have put on the picture below but ..

.. I found something out this evening that is EXTREMELY REVEALING .. and while I am onto something else extremely suspicious too but which needs some more work and emails.

I will give you an insight into the other thing .. a fecking big name solicitors practice told me today something I have never .. ever .. been told by a solicitor before and should never .. ever have been told. In light of the recent discoveries involving corruption whether just alleged or proved it was also a fecking really stupid thing to ask a potential client to do and is not only laughable but .. scary.

At the present time I am now thinking that adverts on the TV claiming to help out people by solicitors is not only complete bullshit but actually paid for by the government as something even worse than tokenism is that they intentionally mislead the public into thinking there are still people out there that can protect them. Oh dear.

Now for my highly suspicious .. screenshot ..

Sorry Google but your going to get into hot water for this and rightly so because from my point of view it looks like your silencing people .. taking away their freedom of speech.

Or someone is?

Sorry fuckwits but I do not believe in locking people up if they do not agree with me .. just same name-calling or pointing out they are challenged when it comes to wisdom, IQ or both is enough for me .. oh no your not allowed to do that either in your bubble world, are you not?

I wonder if Alex Jones, Styx, Sargon or anyone else has noticed this?!

I mean is this restricted to the UK or is it elsewhere including America?

I simply cannot believe that I did not get web-pages up that supported the protest and encouraging others and only got these three trying to get people to join them to oppose it?!

‘Lock people up for saying things we do not like’ is a sure fire way to splitting your own country down the middle and starting a war. And your WRONG!

So guess who will be to blame if a country falls apart over this?


You know I just had a thought ..

I kept thinking what would happen if Tommy Robinson ever found out about this blog and our story or even read about it once it was out in the mainstream?

In fact I have even thought that about the above named people .. Sargon obviously because he is British but .. also Heather Southern, Tim Pool and even Alex Jones?!

Convenient then that as the story will break Tommy Robinson will be behind bars?!

I added this bit as an edit but the clue to what I am alluding to exists not just in overlaid text in the pecture above but also in recent posts ..

Try ‘The Fugliness’ to get a big pointer to this story!


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