I was listening to Mundane Matt talking about the forced identity politics in Star Wars’ The Last Jedi, The Force Awakens and Solo A Star Wars Story.

This is because ever since Solo was released it has done badly and everyone is asking why and doing videos about it. Not sure why there are so many videos because the reasons are bloody obvious. I did not even see them myself .. although I did I did not see what was going on. It was others leaving comments that made me realise. Well .. sort of .. realise. I mean I really had trouble believing their theories and even today I am not sure how long it was going on prior to the release of The Force Awakens. Or even it was was?

I was also thinking of all the other forced agendas that are being pushed and believe me they are being pushed. The others I had suspected many years ago .. before years later starting to realise this was factual. Then a few years later I realised that some fucking twisted individuals within central and local government were basically and knowingly bending over and letting these rat-animals do whatever they wanted. Then it came to my attention that they were trying to force other to do the very same?!

I mean I am talking about treating the convicted ones like children in need and treating innocent British people like they are the vermin of the Earth and the devil’s spawn! Not question marks in that statement as it is a statement of fact.

You have to be some kind of twisted fuck to do this and I am sorry .. no excuses there is no way your doing this without realisation involved, sorry no one is that fucking stupid and naïve. They are knowingly doing this.

I was reading the comments and the reasons put forward as to why Solo failed so badly and from reasons like ‘It wasn’t Harrison Ford’ to ‘Forced Identity Politics’ to ‘Oh it was not that bad .. it was just a protest against the shite that was The Last Jedi’.

I was looking forward to seeing The Last Jedi and was hoping that they made a better effort than they did with The Force Awakens. I have loved movies for well over forty years and I had never seen such a travesty that was The Force Awakens, sorry but it was. And for too many reasons too.

Now as the fist film split people down the middle .I thought they would learn from this obvious mistake. Umm it was fucking bad, how could you like it? I mean if you did .. bully for you but .. your very easy to please. No way they could make the same mistake again and impossible for it to be worse then the first. Or so I thought.

Jesus H. Christ .. I could not believe some of the scenes I was reading about ..

  • Mary Poppins

  • Falling Bombs in Space?

  • Umm more of that Mary Sue stuff?

  • Plot Holes like there is no tomorrow

  • Some crap between Poe and .. that woman out of Jurassic Park .. oh! Laura Derne!

  • Story all over the place

  • Alien Titty Milk?!

  • Luke tossing his lightsabre over his shoulder at the very start (second one I heard about and I was OUT by this stage!!)

These are just the ones I remember and with my keen eye God knows how many more I would spot and groan at in the film itself?!

Yeah .. falling bombs like out of an aircraft but in space? Oooh boooy!

Well .. a second cancer in Hollywood?

Not having it good are they in Hollywood what with all the sexual harassment accusations flying around right now and for the foreseeable future?!

Hmm maybe this is some ost of deflection tactic to make the world think that that are all for the people and all for the vulnerable and minority groups? Yeah? No.

Yes so I was thinking about this as I was listening to it and I was also thinking about that which I have reported on for six years along with a series of highly public stories being published in the coming weeks and months. Yeeeeaaahh that is not gonna go down well and there will be no denials or claims it is not true .. sorry. I just spent years realising the media is biased and working out how this is and how I can get around it. Years of money, pain suffering and anxiety and it has already started, see the post titled ‘The Fugliness’ and that was actually part two, part three comes before the end of this month, June 2018.

Yeah .. I was thinking of this when someone mentioned that there is a problem in Hollywood and I had also read earlier in the day that the new Jurassic Park has some .. forced issues in it, well after Star Wars t should have been obvious that nothing was sacred .. only this is not Disney .. unless George Soros owns or has influence in them all.

I really mist look up George Soros’ history! Yeah other than just about everyone blaming him from YouTubers in America to Britain and even President Putin, yeah that last one shocked me let me tell you, I know nothing about him.

Good God .. I used to know a lot of people in the gay community and I really have a hard time thinking that these nutters I keep hearing about are representative of the entire worldwide community.

As stated before I am wondering whether this forced identity politics is some sort of smoke-screen or deflection tactics or even something to keep everyone occupied and arguing while other shite is going on?

Maybe they know that with clickbait YouTubers and passionate people everyone will be preoccupied while they do their shit?

But what I realised about Hollywood now, what with Fantastic Four, The Force Awakens, bits of Marvel Movies, The Last Jedi, Ghostbusters and others is this ..

They seem to be going into a phase where they have been filming this shite because they thought it was popular, trendy or a way of controlling but it has now blown up and .. well ..

Everyone is now actively looking for this shite!

Which means we will probably see it when it is not even there and that is not fair, just as those arsewipes .. oh and trust me I mean arsewipes that attecked the actress and even threatened her, the one that played Rose Tico in The Last Jedi. You fucking pathetic morons. But then I bet if you dragged out these low-life’s lives into the public domain a pattern will probably emerge?

Oh yeah ‘the looking’ you have got going on now? Do not think it is a problem?

Umm yeeeeaaaaah .. you know how long it takes to create a movie, right? Forget the inordinate amounf of time it takes to film it which could be a year or more .. you have got to bloody well write it first!

So since this started .. pre-Force Awakens or pre-Ghostbusters .. how many scripts and stories got written since then and now that actively went into production?!

Might have this crap for a couple of years now because .. well Solo only just happened so it is only now that they are actually getting a message, right? Well ..

Except they are not are they?

Now you are getting video after video on YouTube about how they are coming up with every excuse under the sun and like the typical little lefties they are, like the SJW lot, they cannot be wrong nor could never admit they are wrong. Be all over you like Ebola if they could prove you wrong though!

So .. if your lucky .. they might just might be starting to write scripts and stories now and by people that might not be so jaded or blind that saw Solo and said .. ‘Oh wait a minute?’ and grabs the eraser or mashes that delete key?

Then you still have Rian Johnson and others like him that just cannot see the wood for the trees and or refuses to admit to this or change his ways.

Of course everyone will love that because he will be gone from films or making very, very small films.

Oh .. I just had this scary thought .. imagine they got him as director to a future Marvel film?

Really funny reason they came up with for Solo doing bad is they used a white guy in the main role?! What the actual .. fuck?! LMFAO! Do brains now come free in a box of Kellog’s Cornflakes?!

So I guess what they were saying was they should have cast a black guy, or a trisexual hermaphrodite .. transgender .. .. type .. yeah that kind of run away from me. Well you see what I mean? It would have done much better of they had changed the white guy for a black guy and left the black guy as a black guy. Because one is racist and one is not.

Yeah I reckon Thunderfoot, Sargon, Heather Southern, Tim Pool and others were right .. this cancer was in our colleges and universities and now it has escaped into the world, like a fatal virus spreading and destroying everything. Yeesh!

Oh and I have a .. few YouTube videos coming which I have put to one side for the inevitable false accusations that will no doubt come.

Yeah well there are a load of publications but .. I just wanted to give those .. publications a little push and something out there, just in case they ignore the obvious when they are obviously wrong and still try to sling their dry mud. Yeah .. dry mud is cool and all but I prefer to put a jester’s hat on them while they are doing it.

Oh yeah and this is for .. the record .. I am not involved with anyone .. romantically and have not been for around fourteen years and zero plans to change that. Though .. I did think a few months back this might actually happen .. but that one and only time if fourteen years and I got it very wrong.

Well there were some others I thought were possibles but I have real trouble ever seeing something like that working. I am a guy with many conditions living in a amoral world full of people trying to pretend to the outside world they are moral.

Trust me even disabled people are guilty of this, lol.

Go on like they care about all I the same boat when they are only looking out for numero uno!


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