OK .. was not planning to post anything else but I got sent this by someone, which I had inadvertently spotted last night.

So it seems there is a bit a complaint about some advertising campaign by someone called Lush.

Do not know Lush, do not know what they do and I do not know what they stand for.

I do, however, know that every single one of the public services knowingly lie!

At first and fifteen years ago I just thought they were lying somewhere between over-cocky know-it-alls with delusions of grandeur or jobsworth idiots with extremely low IQs?

After awhile I would think .. “Did .. they just lie to me?”

Then it was “Yup .. they just lied to me!”

Then I knew I was going to be up against it all, unfortunately still kind of am despite everything that has been exposed. So I had to devise a way to prove it and do it with genuine reasons and not manufactured ones. I knew this would take a few years. It has taken me around 8 years thus far since I set out intending to expose everything.

I also knew that others would be doing this out of anger and become too focused on just one and that very, very few, if any at all, would cover everybody.

I was also well aware that working on my own doing this would be somewhat unique .. though it has to be said it has been fucking harder than I thought it would be ad far more stressful than I thought it would be. It has also gone on for a damn sight longer than I thought it would do.

So .. basically there has been an infiltration by Police into some activist groups or other?

Ooh not a good start for the Police.

Apparently there has been in inquiry into this and .. well it has been a little slow and they are complaining about it?! Yeah .. guilty consciences show themselves with the guilty .. just listen for the sound of dragging feet!

Want it sped up?

Tell them you have a spy in their force and is just like Tommy Robinson and you will see their arses move so fast it will be like the proverbial from a fucking shovel!

Ooh want to know a another sign of guilty conscience combined with fear?

When they move like shit off a shovel. Very fast if you do not know some English phrases, lol.

When they want you to stop saying stuff they achieve this in a few hours .. when you want them to say stuff it takes fucking years.

So not only are they cheats and corrupt as hell they are fucking liars, riddles with delusions of grandeur and hypocrites. One set of rules for them and a completely different set for everyone else.

They really. really need to be taught a lesson and I cannot help but think that this very hard lesson is going to come within the next couple of years?

Here I will leave you with a thought or two ..

Would they spy undercover if you thought a group was wrong or do you think they would spying undercover because they think a group was right?

Would it make any difference?


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