The Government, presently being the Nasty .. sorry .. Tory Party have stated all along that they have been doing what they have been doing to help people back into work which also includes when questioned about disabled sick and terminally ill people.

So it this is so why is no one asking the obvious ..

  • Why did you start with sufferers of mental health?

  • After 7 years of this do you not think that everyone that could be placed into work now has?!

Far be it for me to point out the obvious and all the other facts I have for the last six years nearly?!

I mean it is not like I have a paid career where I am supposed to question all of this stuff and have any kind of platform .. or platforms to do this on.

So if you were doing this to genuinely help people .. you would not have started with mental health and moved on to the more obscure leaving all of the household name health conditions to the end. That is maximising your plan’s effectiveness. Of course turning everyone British amoral kind of helps build up your followers and allows you to continue to murder people.

Oh there is one other thing in all this too which is kid of the very obvious question no one asks in the tabloids or TV News networks ..

  • If this plan was to genuinely help people why did it have to be uncovered years after it was implemented?

Yeah .. it never ceases to amaze me how they are full of shit and everyone seems to just buy it and nothing is done.

Like it was always accepted that politicians lie, that is just the way things are and people accepted it and still voted for them anyway. Well .. not all, of course.

At every single general election I always secretly hope that all of the people that refuse to vote, like I have done for many, many years, would come out and just vote for someone else other than the big three parties. It would be worth it just to watch the looks on the faces of the TV political pundits on every channel for the following few months. It was hilarious when Trump was elected. It stayed hilarious for many months too.

I need to look up and research a rumour I heard about yet another general election possibly happening?

I did wonder if this might happen but I thought it might be over that abortion vote in Northern Ireland. Well .. only when that woman from the DUP said it cannot be enforced, meaning she was not going to let it be and do everything in her power to stop it if they even tried. Yeah so the DUP becomes the UP Party because of some utterly outdated and stupid belief. Theresa May has to decide whether she will raise the ban or not. Refuses and she is against democracy, do it and the DUP walk away.

Except when I was told there was talk of this ‘snap election’ the reasons I was given was that it was over the pussy-footing around over Brexit?!

Yeah .. except once I had given it some thought I realised that the party of the amoral on one side realised there was an opportunity over this issue with the abortion and that things would inevitably become .. rocky. They must have realised that things would inevitably become rocky with the government if the DUP walk away? Realising this was inevitable they see an opportunity to cause waves over Brexit and kind of force this election?

Well .. that is the best theory I came up with. OK, OK it flashed through my mind while speaking on the phone to my daughter.

Yeah she kinda hates Theresa May with a passion and is really not impressed that women that have got into powerful positions have the worst reputations ..

  • Theresa May

  • Margaret Thatcher

  • Kathleen Kennedy

I bet that last one was a surprise?!

Yeah it has not gone unnoticed that she is supposed to hail from the other end of the political spectrum but is not a politician but work for Disney but has been ruining the biggest names in movie history by using them as platforms to shove her ideology down people’s throats.

Yeah .. that backfired and in a big way and still is .. backfiring.

You see theirs a psychology behind it all ..

No one likes to have the wool pulled over their eyes. No one!

When they realise they have had the proverbial wool blinding them they react angrily. The longer this goes on the angrier they get.

Except this has been going on for a very long time.

I might add that there have been a lot of woolly hates used too! It is not just one thing but a whole host of things by a large number of different groups and this is what my blogs have been about all this time. Well .. two out of thirteen blogs. Not really covered it on my YouTube channel despite planning to start this at some stage. Did think I was going to start in 2016 and then was sure I was going to start doing this in 2017 but he we are almost half way through 2018 and I am not so sure any more.

Though to be honest all the signs are that I will get around to this later in the year and it could be as soon as around two months time? But let’s see. Sometimes I do not think I will be around I two months time?!

With all that being said and speaking of signs, all the signs are that this wool is being pulled up off people’s faces. Leaving the only ones not being angry are the foolish ones that seem to think that their way makes for a better world when 80% of people simply wont be turned, including those they defend vigorously who themselves have nothing but contempt and hatred for those fighting their battles. They truly are the saddest of individuals and suffer from ..


Or maybe a more explanatory Tunnelvisionitis?

From Abyssus the closest to chasm or tunnel.

From Oculus for eye.

From itis referring to it being a condition or more correctly inflammation.

Sufferers of this condition seem to have big mouths and even violent whenever you see the in videos on YouTube, normally being correctly called out as hypocrites by the video creators or authors.

What these people that suffer fro said condition do not know is that now more and more people are waking up to facts that they themselves are not even aware of and are angry. They are slowly being outnumbered. Also and I have seen this first hand myself so speaking for experience, even socialists and left-wingers are realising they are wrong and are disagreeing with the visually impaired group of people. Meaning their own numbers are in actual fact, dwindling.

Unfortunately these people and their arguments not only fall over when you give them a actual and credible argument but they missed the point all along and could have prevented all this from happening. If only they had recognised that things are not that which they keep screaming their heads off for ..

Things are not fair in the UK and are extremely one sided and have been for a long, long time now and I can confidently state it has been over twenty years. In fact over twenty five years and has slowly got worse.

But because it has slowly gotten worse no one took any notice .. well .. except me that has been talking about it for twenty years plus.

Yeah .. I have a bit of a reputation and despite how many times my predictions have come true or been exposed by others .. my predictions still remain so fantastical that every one left to expose is also not believed.

Yeah .. about that? Well ..

That is all going to change very, very .. soon!

Unless we are stopped in some way or form?!

Yeah .. when I started out a guy I know that used to work at Cambridge University and a bit of a boffin and another left-winger that realised the left’s mistakes told me ..

BE careful! If they are not watching you already, which they probably are with your recent activities, they soon will be. They will shoot you for what you want to expose!”

He was referring to the obvious clandestine organisations that I had recently become embroiled with in the year prior to starting to blog. Yeah .. one wanted to interview me some years ago too!

I had been in contact with two of the three.

Despite initially ignoring me they paid a great deal of attention to what it was I was sending them and then when I took a long trip that literally ended at ground zero I .. decided that it was a bit to easy for all involved to predict where I was going to be .. disembarking so I .. disembarked earlier and .. effectively vanished.

Thirty six hours later the clandetine’s called me. Yeah .. kinda thought they might.

That was in 2011 .. October I think? I remember it was kinda cold .. no leaves on the trees. Despite what I was involved in ad the stir and attention it would create .. I decided not to start my intended blogs. Basically because it could have caused not only a great deal of unnecessary panic in 2012 but could have also cost a great deal of lives. But I was pretty confident I had gotten a grip on the matter, collected enough data and evidence .. got it to the correct authorities with plenty of time to spare for them to arrange a .. counter-measure, so to speak.

Yeah when they finished calling me they called me a genius. Yup .. genius to know why in the fucking hell they called me and not for the lame reasons they gave me at the time!

In fact I had proved with them a new ground zero which was easy to deal with. I kinda lured people to change their focus from one location to another. I explained what I had done and why and told the to go sit it out at said location.

Turned out my plan paid off beautifully .. though I was not told about this, found out in 2013 from a local that had a friend work as a security guard. I did not even et any thanks or acknowledgement but then when I think about it now .. might have been a little embarrassing?

I mean I had two detectives in my house for five hours .. and this subject came up repeatedly along with another case directly linked to this one and .. they called me a genius too and said they wished I worked with them. Yeeah. I do kinda get that whenever I am involved in anything and people are not reacting like I am some sort of tinfoil hat wearing nut!

Getting back to those with the Abyssoculitis the worst thing I hate is when I watch the videos and I see how much hatred they have for someone that does not agree with them. When they are acting as foot soldiers and thought and feeling Police for people that would kill them in the blink of an eye. I shake my head over this and think how fucking stupid they are. Was going to use the word ‘retarded’ but that would be an insult to people that are retarded.

It is a crying shame that it has taken three women to show us what is wrong with the two extremes in politics. Two for the extreme right-wing, though this extreme only affects those that are British, and those for left-wing extremes which seem to be affecting everyone.

More and more people are getting angry with both and that number is growing fast.

I also saw on a comment section on a YouTube channel that someone called Theresa May a puppet and I was so relieved and laughed at that!

More and more people throughout the rest of this year are going to realise people in politics are puppets and I even saw an EU meeting where someone made the EU leaders look and sound like complete fools.

One person commented underneath one, I will see if I can find it, and said ..

“And remainers are still complaining about leaving this?!”

Yeah .. that is how bad it was.

Ahh that was it .. a channel called Dr Watson and was about the EU mentioning Tommy Robinson and do not ask because I do not recall what they said. Yeah .. short term memory problems.

But it was the comment section that was most interesting ..


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