Yeah just a little heads up ..

.. you will have to look elsewhere for the situation and the serious health issues but .. after being called a liar when she told the social workers for Wirral Council about her anxiety after they threatened her with legal action for not closing the door after the horse has bolted and had not a single bit of help whatsoever ..

My daughter found some minutes from an earlier meeting of which she had 9 in the four months I was there.

She has had two or three in the last few months so around 11 or 12.

On this piece of paper it clearly states that my daughter has been diagnosed with anxiety and that she is reiceiving medication for it. Oops. It has since been diagnosed what that cause is, Hypomagnesemia, and this can be very deadly. Or fatal and in different ways and stres depletes your magnesium soo ..


I gets better as now they have to either admit to ..

  • Lying
  • Neglect
  • Or the fact that 9 out of 10 meetings they did not turn up and therefore .. had a fucking God damn cheek to go and assume things when they did not turn up 80% of the time
Oooh .. dear.
I also had an email response ..
“We will talk to Chipo ..”
Get back to me in five days.
She might be God damn in the wrong but .. she is only doing as instructed .. I know why they have done what they did. I have now explained this in detail and have explained this to two members of my family who were fucking disgusted at their behaviour, one of them a God damn socialist too?!
  • Child In Need?
  • Children At Risk?!
  • Yeah .. fro social worker departments, that much is certain!!
Good luck surviving 2018 guys and girls!

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