My daughter was threatened with legal action today.

This was for not and refusing to attend a domestic violence course despite her being the actual victim and they are helping the domestic abuser. Who got out of prison 9.5 years early, not being deported as we were promised sooo .. lies. Housed by Wirral Council and they are going to help the man who tried to throw his daughter out a window, to see a solicitor to see his kids.

Oddly enough for the four months he harassed us by phone from a prison cell he was always really confident about getting out earlier than they stated and then getting his children. Starting to think these fucking Muslims know something about our country that we do not?

I also believe that the government are doing this deliberately to provoke hatred and a civil war in the UK between the Muslims, not that hard to do is it now, and everyone else.

This is why everyone I hear about that has committed suicide and everyone disabled on DPAC’s Facebook page and white and British. No other races seem to get disabilities?!

No .. I noticed it many years ago and everyone I point it out to are then shocked that they did not notice it themselves before. I could not even post about this very obvious fact because it would be deemed as not politically correct and not allowed. Which is how they are getting away with it.

But it is a fact.

So my daughter has said that she cannot go because she has no choice but to go to work and this is about to start and this complete bitch turns around and says that is not good enough.

What does she have no choice but to go to work?

  • Domestic violence

  • Encouraged to move home and given no help

  • Despite having four children

  • After moving .. they halved her rent payments

  • She has Deficiencies which are dangerous (social worker says she does not have anxiety but ..)

  • Fibromyalgia Syndrome (Gets from me)

  • ‘S’ Protein Deficiency (Gets from me)

    • Serious Blood Clots

  • Hypomagnesemia (Gets from me)

    • Magnesium Deficiency which could become malabsorption

    • Malabsorption would result in death .. no matter how much B-12 and Magnesium you pump into yourself

  • Folate Deficiency (Gets from me)

    • This can be pretty debilitating in itself also linked to magnesium, one needs the other I think

 Various pains, memory problems, anxiety, tiredness, blood clots, high blood pressure, blood clots, and many others besides.

This bitches name is Chippo and hails from Luton and works as a social worker for Wirral Council whose sole agenda is to sit on their fucking backsides while they order you around and the look for things to blame you so that they cannot get into trouble and sued!

I have now emailed the council and said if they ever threaten my daughter, call her a liar I will have them before a Judge before their feet could touch the ground.

I have told them in no uncertain terms that if my daughter dies inside of five years I am going to do everything within my power to have them prosecuted for manslaughter ..

Because they have been told about the health conditions, my daughter is the victim and they are making threats against her that puts pressure and anxiety on her and this can kill her .. very literally.

My daughter told them she was recording them and Chippo and the other one, cannot recall who it was, suddenly turned nice. Well as they now know they have been recorded I told them that I was the one that taught her to do this, taught her not to trust any public services and told them that my daughter is not the only one with recording devices.

I was up there for four whole months and saw this woman visit like a dozen times so it is foof for thought for them.

I also told them that I knew what they were up to .. looking for things that they can protect themselves with because they did fuck all and that to do this to make my daughter look like the guilty one. I told them that I had been telling my daughter for years that they are not be trusted at all and are lying cheating bastards with an overwhelming feeling of self-entitlement.

I also demanded that my daughter be apologised to.

It is like living your worst nightmare?! I cannot believe how they are treating people today and even more shocked that they are actually getting away with it?!

SO much for the British Legal System and British Justice that is not worth a wet dog shite today and soon to become the laughing stock of the entire world.


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