I remembered a line, I think as it was a long time ago, from the Who film Tommy from when I was a kid. Hence the title .. just popped into my head.

Although Tommy, as depicted in the film, was blind and famously duelled with Elton John in the films using a pinball machine, Pinball Wizard originates from that film. Hmm I seem to recall Oliver Reed starring in it too and lots of .. baked beans?

Well this petition for Tommy Robinson shows no sign of slowing down and nor do the videos being uploaded about this to YouTube!

In fact looking the the numbers of signatures last night I had this feeling that it would be close to 510,000 bu this morning.

It is currently several thousand over that amount and I started to think that this might actually tip over one million and might not take very much time at all?!

I was also wondering .. the government claim they will respond if a petition reaches 10,000, that is fucking nice of them, and have a debate in the House of Commons at 100,000 sooo ..

Does this mean we can expect five debates about it or have one very, very long debate about it?!

I think not. As it is fashionable to pander to apologists and social justice warriors as well as the extreme left in British government and politicians. So yeah .. no. Or it will be seriously slanted or extremely brief.

I imagine that many politicians, public servants and judges are shuffling uncomfortably in their seats right now as this number races upwards and more and more videos talking about this just keep getting uploaded.

It is a shame that this had to happen and I hope the guy comes out of this OK .. from this prison everyone claims is run by Muslim gangs.

But at the same time it has reached a great deal of people whose focus has come into sharp contrast over this which I hope and pray leads them to realise everything else that has been going on ..

Like the murder of 120,000 disabled people and in all honesty if your going to talk about the vulnerable and neglected then who better to go to war over then them?!

The Petition ..

Some screenshots with figures taken a day apart from each other ..



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