Well I did it recently ..

That a woman who had been fucked about by her local council and the DWP told how we don’t open, for want of a better word, out children anymore .. the government does.

In the video below Sargon of Akkad speaks to a Polish, of I remember correctly, scientist, Janusz Korwin-Mikke, who ripped Piers Morgan apart on one of those morning TV shows. At around the 13.40 mark they say that ..

If you don’t agree with the government they will come for your children.

But only if you are actually a real citizen of that country. I know this attitude exists here but whether this is Europe wide and other countries I do not know.

By saying that it’s like a lot of other things in law and rules and stuff .. it doesn’t apply to one particular group.

His accent is quite .. think so you might have trouble understanding him. There was a few remarks in the comments about adding subtitles. So might be worth putting this video in you favourites until a time that they are?


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