EDIT: Oh it would seem that this is an old report from January?! Oh well .. still it is interesting nonetheless! Came through on my feed and I assumed this was very recent. apologies.

EDIT 2: Hmm so I had a thought, this is four months old? So do I take it then that Theresa May is still hiding behind privacy laws to hide the murders?

EDIT 3: I completely forgot to put in this post that the actually numbers of the deaths are reported to be anywhere between 120,000 and 240,000 depending on the reports you read. Many reports state it is 120,000 while one by the New Scientist states the NHS are behind 120,000 and you can vet your life even these numbers are conservative?!

Ooh this might be good?

Sorry I am sort of reading as I go here.

At first this was something posted to DPAC’s Facebook page. It was a video posted on a website that, it was claimed, had MP’s laughing at Theresa My when she came out with her now infamous line that ..

What it does it does do is ensure that we have a welfare system that provides support to those who need it and a welfare system that increasingly encourages those who can get into the workplace” – Theresa May

Yeah .. because of the words ‘ensure’. ‘support’ and ‘encourages’ makes this statement a lie. Sorry .. but it does and that is the end of it.

Then she says ..

Because we continue to believe that work is the best route out of poverty” – Theresa May

Again another lie because the best route out of poverty is not work for a great many people .. it is actually death. And this here is the point when it became interesting and this intended short post ended up getting longer and longer ..

.. because I was only going to link this in and mention that when she stated something at around the 0.33 second point people started laughing. Well that’s a first, I thought. Got to check this one out.

It was also a clash at PMQ’s and it became even more interesting when I saw a question that was put to her I could not quite believe and never thought I would hear asked in the House of Commons, despite the number of years I have harped on about this ..

Deidre Brock MP stated that she had pressed the DWP to release analysis it has prepared on claimants of Universal Credit. Interesting.

She then states that the DWP are fighting an order by the Information Commissioner, God I contacted them years ago, watchdog to release said data.

The report states that in 2015 it was reported that there had been 40 suicides. Suicides?! Oh boy where is this going? That figure was way, way under and the number that know this is way, way off are in there thousands .. maybe tens of thousands? Maybe even hundreds of thousands?

Separate research by the DWP, oh so it will be a fucking big lie then, showed that 2,650 benefit claimants died shortly after being found fit for work? Yeah .. you could add at least two digits onto that .. might have to change the first digit from ‘2’ to ‘1’ but my money is on that first digit staying at a ‘2’?!

Then Deidre Brock MP said ..

Will she instruct the DWP to release the details of benefit claimants with disabilities who’ve taken their own lives after their claims were turned down, stopped without notice or significantly reduced?”

And then that infamous line that I have had from many of them with the last one being HMRC who have also been up to no good, yup nothing is sacred. I asked them about the humongous bills being sent out to single mothers, my daughter included, for between £4,000 and £10,000 plus in overpayments from up to ten years beforehand and why no statute of limitation applies to government organisations or public services but does to the public despite the average Joe not being skilled or an expert in the these fields? I got this same reply Theresa May blurted out so I know she instructed them to state it to the public and if you ever got this you now know how ..

“The DWP does not give details of individuals with whom it deals and that’s absolutely right” – Theresa May

Oh OK so this is what I take from this ..

  • The DWP boss is the Prime Minister or the organisation now runs the country and not you?!

  • Marvellous .. we come p with these privacy laws to protect people’s data and you find a way to use it to murder hundreds of thousands of people and get away with it?!

Jesus H. Christ!

This link below also has links at the bottom to both The Mirror and The Express tabloids who have also reported on this now very public mess.

I wonder if I will get apologies from each of them now that it is finally being realised and them stating that they should have spoken to me. My dream of sitting in their headquarters years ago with a rather large USB memory drive being handed over with tens of gigabytes of data never took place.

Yeah those quotes above ended up being typed out in the wrong order because I did not expect so much to come from this news piece.

Funny, is it not? The webpage below I have not seen previously but it is called ‘Guy Fawkes Revolt’ and actually states on the webpage, that made me laugh ..

The last person to enter parliament with honest intentions was Guy Fawkes.

Hmm? Well I have always stated that there is someone else that runs this country and have long since stated that these so-called public services are being run by a private company. Serco.

Now perhaps it is Serco that runs the country and dictates to the government how things are run? It has to be someone. Every knows it or at least suspects it. I have had it stated to me by those of higher intelligence that is is like there is a secret government within government. Yeah I kinda buy that but not the analogy that is is a government within government but someone is most definitely pulling the strings.

When I was first directed to Serco by someone else with an inquisitive mind like my own I thought it was bullcrap. But a click on their ‘About Us’ page soon had me reading their boasts of running ..

  • DWP

  • NHS

  • Armed Forces

  • Police

  • Local Councils

  • List of other things

  • Claimed to be British but I was directed to several other websites that stated the company was American

The list was shockingly extensive and I had to ask myself how big a company you have to be to be able to run all that. An American company too, despite their claims to be British.

Here is the kicker ..

For Theresa May to now be very publicly ignoring these calls, requests, demands then she is clearly stating that it is her personal belief that if you are unable to work you are better off dead .. albeit a death that is slow, painful and loaded to the hilt with suffering. Her own words in a roundabout way!

If you would rather read The Mirror’s report ..

Or perhaps The Express ..


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