Well here is another one that seems to be now going around .. finally.

Now I have reported many times and started off by someone called Calum or the list was named after someone that died called Calum. Or Callum?

Calum’s List.

This site got taken down .. and never has anyone in the media asked why or even who was behind taking this down.

But now it seems that over a period of time it is starting to get traction, despite the fact that the list starts from around 2011. Convenient that it is only getting traction now .. ow that they have managed to get rid of 120,000 plus people?!

Down below you will see an interesting headline in an old favourite magazine of both mine and a solicitor friend I had, before we fell and and then he died .. the New Scientist!

In that s states the exact same amount of deaths which is 120,000 but then it asks if this is the fault of the NHS?! Umm .. say-what-now?!

I had a conversation with my daughter before I posted this and I asked if she remembered me saying over the years that eventually .. when it all starts to come out that these evil empires, or the evil trinity as I refer to them (NHS/DWP/COUNCIL), will turn on each other. She said that she does and I reminded her that what lies behind this theory is that down the road .. no one will want to take the blame for what has happened and they will all point the fingers at each other.

This might even have been the original plan to get away with it, is something I have not only stated previously but also seen, experienced and complained about with my own endeavours.

Because whenever I approach anyone at all about legal representation the attitude is, though never admitted to, is that it would be very hard to apply the blame to anyone. It did not fucking matter that I had a condition that is now testable and that I possess documents that show I have complained abut these condition to each one of ‘the evil trinity’. It just turned out that this made things far too hard to prove .. or it would be more accurate to say too costly. So the fact that your suffering and even in dozens of different ways .. this mattered not .. not enough to fight for your rights.

This simple but clever plan could only ever be carried out one way .. by getting rid of Legal Aid so if anyone wanted any idea of when this very long term grand plan to kill people off and/or take away their benefits or homes got started? Well loo right back to when they first started talking about cutting back Legal Aid. Because the very first conversations regarding this had a long term plan to them. Because it is just far too convenient and I am sorry but ..

I simply do not believe that they knew the financial crisis was coming five minutes before it hit us!

I have thought about this over and over .. over the years and I am sorry but I saw it four and a half years before it hit us. All friends and family knew I believed this and all thought me mad. They all apologised to me when it hit though and said that I was right all along.

This attitude had persisted long before this .. prediction and it persisted long after too and everyone thought that I did not have anything wrong with me. Funny then that some of these people are afflicted with the exact same thing to a lesser degree. Though I have had one start to believe this in 2017, another thinks there might be something in it but has doubts and another .. the Doctor that has never even spoken to one his entire life? No .. he knows it is just his age. Odd that one of the symptoms that is linked to this is Varicose Veins and I am afraid to say that we have all got these and had them since our late teens to early twenties, my sister even had hers operated on in her twenties! Oops!

Mind you I say this but I have not had face to face discussions with two of us for months about this, long before the Hypomagnesemia came to light .. or rather the dangers to it and other symptoms came to light. Which was only recently. Even more recently was the ‘S’ Protein deficiency which is the one linked to blood clots and varicose veins. Hmm let me check on that little link for a more .. definitive answer?

Here is a link to someone that was diagnosed with ‘S’ Protein Deficiency and bad varicose veins which three siblings, my father and grandmother all had or have. Think your OK with a mobile phone with this one as it looks like a mobile page ..

Hmm .. I wonder if my family either know or forgot that I have varicose veins in another and far more sensitive area? Lol.

Remember I said that we had them in our late teens or early twenties and I for one was surprised these were not looked at or checked later on ..

older the patient is the fewer the risk factors

Independent ..

BMJ ..

University College London or UCL .. states that the deaths started in 2010 .. like I have long stated .. well better late than never .. except for the 120,000 and rising?!

Market Watch ..

The Conversation .. states the data is clear ..

The Guardian ..

Now it’s official: the less you have, the more austerity will take from you

The Mirror .. Economic Murder ..

The London Economic .. Sickening .. 30,000 Killed Every Year ..

Makes you wonder why this is till going and what their target number for deaths actually is?!

Boing Boing (I like that name) Senior Health Researches only just noticed that 120,000 died under austerity ..

New Scientist .. old rag of mine reports NHS to blame for 120,000 deaths so is that 240,000? Or are they now doing what I always said they would .. turn against each other and now blaming the deaths on the NHS?! Take a look ..

Express .. Though this one only states 30,000 excess deaths .. which is still far too much and at the end of the day ..

I have been telling them all .. councils, DWP, NHS and even the news media sooo ..

Manchester Evening News .. and finally .. someone actually says it .. ‘This Isn’t Civilisation’ ..


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