This is almost a follow up to my last post about Theresa May intending to use the word ‘avoidable deaths’ in a speech about artificial intelligence and the use of it in the fight against cancer.

Oh how that one is going to blow up in their faces in the coming years?!

Yup .. that is apparently what she is going to say, if she has not already uttered those words?

It is funny as I often think about the people who are OK with what the government are doing and have been doing for a long time now.

What I fond most surprising about it is this ..

  • By agreeing to their actions you are effectively an accomplice to murder
  • This is murder .. knowingly causing the death of someone is murder
  • Except and in many cases this is the worst kind of death
    • Involving pain
    • Involving anguish
    • Involving Starvation
    • Eventually involving death in many, many cases
  • Yup .. it is murder
But what I do not know is what it is these agreeable and secretly amoral and murderous people think that they are protecting?
The money?
The country? Which in effect from what I have seen is just about the money all over again.
The jobs of the people who are now trained/expected/brainwashed to lie .. even though they are getting paid via the public’s taxes? This is OK is it? They have jobs but despite the fact they lie. cheat, are paid to save people but are complicit in killing them it is all OK because they hove jobs?!
It is downright hypocrisy at the end of the day.
I also find it funny that when people start to argue or defend stupid, pointless and senseless things that the reasons they provide are downright laughable. Utterly ridiculous in many, many cases.
There was a report that made its way to me .. I think it was posted to the DPAC Facebook page and is a report by The Independent Newspaper.
In it it states that a .. scheme whereby benefit claimants an challenge the DWP and government regarding sanctions is going to stop. I did not even know that there as a scheme and I thought this was something to do with a scheme being brought in or sanctions being dropped?! But no .. of course it is not. The government stated that they are dropping this scheme because it is too much of a burden on them?! Aww poor, poor government, what ever will they do? Such a terrible .. umm .. burden this must be on all their lives. Yeah way worse than what they have been doing to individuals, jobless, families and children?!
Well at least vulnerable people, disabled people and children are not affected, right? Oh .. wait?
I think it was the use of the word ‘Burden’ that made me think it was the sanctions being bloody well dropped and I feel like a damn fool for even thinking that the government was capable of doing the right thing before history marks them all as murderers?

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