Well I have heard more about this woman my daughter has met.

Here is what I was basically told in a set of bullet points ..

  • She was taken off drugs because of their cost
  • Upon enquiring as to why they later kicked her off the surgery
  • She also has cervical cancer
    • Exact same thing happened
    • Exact same pain
    • Exact same infections
    • Exact same discharges
    • Exact same length of time involved
  • Child with Autism
    • Exact same thing happened with them trying to deny it after diagnosing it in the first instance!
  • She stated that there is something going on with the government and the NHS
    • She states that she believes that they do not care about anyone unless they have money
    • That she even thinks that they are trying to kill many people off
    • To save money
  • My daughter told her about me and said 
    • “You have to meet my Dad! You have said everything that he has been saying”
    • Told her about my blogs
    • Told her I was kicked off surgery too .. which is now technically three times
Wow .. that was one weird day.
This lady is 250 miles away and I never met anyone that agreed with me, well .. not entirely and o one agreed about the NHS .. until AFTER I left, while I was up there.
In fact that was a certain little .. lady I was worried about telling all this stuff to as I thought she was romantically interested and I did not want her to think I was insane, lol.
As stated that was 250 miles away and I met three people that worked in a store that said the same thing .. the same day it was stated by the woman to my daughter these people said that our government was ..
“Obviously culling people. There are too many.”
Well .. things are certainly beginning to change .. just a shame it is at the eleventh hour for me.
The lady in question is going to help out and suggested something that not only have I been suggesting for bloody years, as well as trying to work towards, is supposed to be happening anyway in mere weeks from now. Just a different .. organisation.
Except there may be legal issues regarding this due to a .. sort of .. let us just say .. agreement.
Oh I must tell her about that actually when she calls me back?! Hmm maybe I will just text her if she does not call?
Hmm I had this recently .. a woman contacting me online that was mysteriously similar to me! She turned out to be linked to something somewhat .. clandestine, lol.
i hope this is not them trying a new angle?!

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