You should be aware of something ..

.. when it comes to the treatment of disabled people and who is .. complicit.

I was told by a Dr Bolat that with my health conditions that there is no GP in the country that would agree to me being removed from it. No GP would rule against me, in other words.

This was prior to my heart palpitations, chest tightness and breathlessness which I only recently discovered is down to the Hypomagnesemia, or low magnesium levels. Which are very dangerous.

Now this danger was never mentioned to me by anyone and whether or not that Dr Bolat of North Middlesex University knew this when he looked at my records and just assumed I had already been informed I do not know.

All I can tell you that I was surprised when he said that and even more surprised when he put his head in his hands and stated “I do not know what is going on in this country any more!”

Now after getting friendly with a woman who was sadly afflicted by a very painful condition I found out two things. Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome was the most painful condition known and I discovered the existence of the McGill Pain Index. In all honesty and in the beginning I thought there was some exaggeration going on. Probably because I have met some people who are very prone to exaggeration and on a big scale too. This was not a time where exaggeration was involved.

When I looked up the McGill Pain Index I then discovered something else .. my condition, or one of them, was also on this scale. It was the ext one down from Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome which itself was marked up at number 40. The scale went up to 50. Nothing exists on any of these scales above 40. There are some comparison examples on there. Giving birth without drugs for instance. Having a finger cut off without drugs and so on and so forth. Still .. nothing appeared about 40!

Fibromyalgia sat at 28.

She did not get PIP either meaning that .. PIP is not awarded for physical pain or mental health pain but instead seems to be awarded based on that the eyes can see. Well .. I say that, that it is down to whether or not they can see that a leg or two is missing or the same with your arms but I am not even sure about this any longer?!

I had long since believed that Chronic Fatigue Syndrome was a mild form of Fibromyalgia Syndrome and I even started to suspect that Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome was a strong form of Fibromyalgia Syndrome. Or that they were all just different levels of the same condition.

Of course I get a Facebook message from my daughter who had been having some infection issues after a biopsy and it just read “Call me. I have been diagnosed with Behcet’s Disease” and I just assumed this was something to do with this long lasting infection they screwed up? But … NO!

There was a number of things under Fibromyalgia that I never got explained to me and one in particular, though I did find a link in a book, was never explained. Something that I do not need a damned test to prove. Tooth decay. This was listed for Fibromyalgia but it stated that they did not know why this was. I had never seen anyone online speaking about their own Fibromyalgia ever mention the tooth decay issue. I wondered if it was just me or maybe the Fibromyalgia had to be quite advanced to be affected by this?

So I Googled Behcet’s Disease and there on the bloody list is Tooth Decay! It was like being hit in the face with a brick. Then came the others in the list and even some of them I thought I was not nor never had been affected by I later realised that I had. I had just .. forgotten. Well .. some of them.

So .. with this level of pain and with only one of my conditions of Fibromyalgia .. combined with the mental health problems, the high blood pressure (Hypertension Stage 2 and higher), the heart palpitations/tightness/breathlessness, memory loss and self harming combined with phobias and an Accident & Emergency Doctor stating that I should be on disability and a disability solicitor stating that I should be on disability how did this so-called court of law give me ZERO and ZERO?

Unless they are complicit and all those winning their cases are tokenism cases because this Mickey Mouse Court is worried that the wider general public might start asking questions of this so-called court of law?!

My remarks on a number is Facebook pages to do with disabled people and NHS corruption regarding these published cases as no more than tokenism ones seem to get a fair amount of likes.

One has to wonder how long it will be before everything in this country is exposed as .. farcical?!

Various webpages and versions of the McGill Pain Index but bear in mind this is only a … PAIN INDEX and does not take into consideration the things that can kill you. Like my Hypomagnesemia and the link to heart disease, heart attack, sudden death syndrome and the heart palpitations and nor does it consider Behcet’s Disease and its symptoms. Nor blood pressure issues ..


  1. I might empathize with you, but I’m just really trying hard to figure out what exactly it is you’re saying here….

    What I THINK I understood was….
    You’re pissed off because you were denied PIP (which I am guessing is some type of disability payment) and some other people who you feel were LESS deserving, got PIP. Also, because you were denied PIP, you believe that NHS and others are “complicit” in some type of conspiracy against you and possibly others deemed “disabled”. Am I correct so far?

    Wow. Just WOW!! First of all, you didn’t receive PIP because you obviously did NOT meet the criteria to receive PIP. It’s really THAT simple. Honestly!

    No matter HOW MUCH you google medical ailments and try to find something that “fits” you, that DOESN’T mean YOU HAVE THAT “ailment” OR THAT “condition” OR THAT “disease”. Got that?? Just because your daughter may have received a diagnosis of Behcet’s disease, that does NOT MEAN that YOU also have Behcet’s disease no matter HOW MANY of the symptoms of the disease you just “HAPPEN TO REMEMBER” from the past.

    Next, “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome” and “COMPLEX (not chronic!!) REGIONAL PAIN SYNDROME” are NOT some lesser or greater form of Fibromyalgia. Period! As much as you “GOOGLE”, you should KNOW THAT! I suspect you are NOT a medical physician, NOR do you hold a medical degree to practice medicine, so who do you think you are trying to reclassify them just because you “have sinced believed” they were all some form of Fibromyalgia. A person who has Fibromyalgia MAY ALSO have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome AND/OR Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, but they ARE WHOLLY SEPARATE CONDITIONS. While you MAY have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, don’t you EVER TRY to insinuate that YOUR Fibromyalgia pain is EVEN CLOSE to the amount of pain suffered by those who ACTUALLY HAVE Complex Regional Pain Syndrome!!! SHAME ON YOU!!!

    From what you, yourself, have stated what YOU have, or THINK you have are ALL TREATABLE conditions! I suggest you follow YOUR DOCTOR’S ORDERS, take your medicine AS PRESCRIBED, STOP “googling”, pull up your big girl or boy panties, and JUST STOP, STOP trying to convince the world that you are a poor, suffering, disabled, dying, person!!! I can clearly see THAT YOU DO HAVE PROBLEMS, but NOTHING, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING that warrants you getting disability, or even sympathy from.

    Get a LIFE!

    • No your not correct at all, lol.

      Really if your going to go around making comments, the very first one out of 700,000 that is negative, I suggest you do not give yourself away with your name as it is.

      I just read this out to my daughter who has cancer and her reaction was WTF?!

      Secondly and I suggest you do a little more research than just one blog, you sound lie an old GP of mine to be honest, and look up other posts .. it is not all laid it in one post for your convenience so you can go around whinging at freeloaders, as you put it.

      I never said anything about being more deserving than anyone else and have constantly talked about how bad CPRS is as I know someone with it. I have no idea how in the world you got hat impression?!

      Also if you had bothered to check you will note that I have a magnesium malabsorption problem which is actually deadly in several different ways and I currently have no GP .. if you gave a rats arse about anyone but yourself that is which is how you come across.

      This WAS DIAGNOSED and if I over do it .. well let me tell you you want to just walk in front of a bus, but I am going to guess that you might be the sort of person that suggests that ..

      This was DIAGNOSED!

      Oh and as for my accusations?

      Once again if you bother to look beyond the end of your nose you might have spotted that I have not only got recordings of DOCTORS admitting they falsified tests but also admitted to me what went on ..

      Or are you going to call me a liar now too? Lol.

      But do not worry as in a few days time there will be a publication that shows this and there will be more throughout the year.

      Condescending idiot .. I guess I should just go off and shut up and not blog about it to help other people with similar conditions and symptoms .. because you do not like freeloaders?

      Or how about the fact that despite all this I tried to start a business and got stabbed in the back over this too?

      Dumb-arse! Lol.

  2. Oh yeah and when you have no GP and then discover something that they have already DIAGNOSED you with has become more dangerous what do you do .. with no GP?

    According to you go and bury your head in the sand until the lights go out? Enduring a load of heart and chest pain along the way?

    My good God .. your really something else.

  3. Oh sorry memory issues
    Fibromyalgia is also at 28 on the index and CPRS is at 40 .. now just how could I be saying that FMS is worse than CPRS when .. there is provided .. an index

    By the Hypomagnesemia is a different thing, if you knew anything at all about health conditions and as you have tried very hard to make me look bad with a stupid name ..

    When you have no energy you have no energy and no amount of shouting and yelling from some moron is going to change that.

    Before you come back with another half-arse rant .. this has already been diagnosed and as for taking pills .. I only take three currently

    Vitamin B12
    Magnesium Calcium and Vitamin D3

    For the low magnesium and umm .. yeah about that .. been taking them for 3 to 4 years, as you so eloquently put it ‘follow your Doctors orders’ and another mistake as I do not have one. Well I did and guess what?

    They have lost their effect which means a condition that was not checked out has become dangerous. (sigh and shaking my head while laughing).

    OK I shall explain slowly ..

    This .. means .. that .. my ..body .. is .. now .. not .. absorbing .. magnesium .. in .. sufficient .. enough .. quantities.

    Also as for insinuating that I made this up or any further attempts I strongly suggest you look further than the end of your own nose once again because ..

    Yeah .. my daughter has been diagnosed with all this too and she has already been in one magazine and is about to appear in another ..

    But do not worry as when I post details about it you can go and email them and tell them it is a load of old bullcrap?



    Oh and to everyone else who may read this I think I know who this is .. which is why I put so much in here ..

    They think themselves centre of attention and not interested in anyone else’s pain. I recently got a barrage of crap off of them as if you hear their story .. everyone on the world is out to get them. In fact if you try to talk about anything you have been through even after an hour of listening you get told “Not all about you please!” and they carry on.

    I cut them off recently because this is what happened and in all honesty .. they did not get to hear about the other diagnosis I already had and what this results in .. or about my daughter either. Or her cervical cancer .. no I was supposed to listen for five hours about everything that had ever been done to them in the past few years .. yeah .. no.

  4. I was talking to my daughter last night when I remembered a couple of things ..

    First that, I am going to assume it is not in this post, I told someone with CPRS that I believed that CFS (Chronic Fatigue), FMS (Fibromyalgia) and CPRS (Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome) were all different levels of the same condition.

    Two reasons .. many symptoms are similar and I was told something odd by my specialist at Guy’s Hospital, Dr Kirkham, where he said he had Fibromyalgia patients is so much pain they were confined to their beds?! Now this was a complete surprise and I said “Really?!” It was also something I really did not want to hear because I could not live like that.

    The person with CPRS I knew was able to go to the shops to buy cigarettes. Oh and she was not on receipt of DLA or PIP .. so nooo … no conspiracy, lol. She went to court too, had to use a pro bono solicitor and why would that be for the most painful condition known?

    Last night after all this my daughter, who was not kind about the person who left the comments, said that it was stupid because a condition itself would have different levels of pain. That is when I remembered the parts I put above.

    Some people really should do some research.

    But then we are in that Twitter age where everyone wants all the facts in a paragraph or two where if it any longer you get the TLDR statement, Too Long Didn’t Read.

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