Well this is going to be good. Or is it bad?

After dying for another day I get back to this .. house .. of sorts with after leaving an annoying .. twat who got .. irritated and snappy over .. something and was inconsiderate and sounded a lot like someone else I have to put up with. For the longest time.

In fact what I am going to tell you I just told this person and when I said the first line below I got two responses .. first was a look of disappointment, which would be for themselves as your simply not allowed to be more ill then them. They told everyone for years they had epilepsy, not grand mal, and now it is not epilepsy but NEADS. Trust me if you knew nothing at all about any medical condition and thirty minutes with this person you would think it was worse than cervical cancer .. because they more or less stated as much. Went into that previously .. not going into that here.

That first line put to them that got that disappointed look was ..

“I have a disease .. a pretty nasty disease.”

With a disappointed and doubting look on their face, umm it is they that lies .. and about their health and not me, and sarcastic look they said “What disease?”

Getting cocky because they think it is bollocks once again, just like the magnesium levels being low, the Fibromyalgia and everything else before I proved myself to be correct, they said ..

“How do you know that?”

And I said ..

“Because my daughter has Firbomyalgia and a lot of my symptoms and those symptoms they have just confirmed are this Behcet’s Disease and just like the low Magnesium I have long since been diagnosed with is linked to Fibromyalgia!”

See if these sound familiar or .. check right back to 2012 on this blog and you will see me complaining of many of these symptoms ..

  • Mouth Tooth decay problem, gum problems for over 15 years

  • Genitals Issues for over 15 years

  • Eyes Inability to read small print up in Birkenhead 3 months ago and .. irritation in, around and ABOVE right eye!! You can go blind?!

    • EDIT: Blindness occurs if left untreated and I have only ever been given corticosteroid creams like Cutivate?!
    • EDIT 2: Crap .. my memory?! I had sores not far from my genitals on my right side, twice!

      Also I had a boil too and was unable to walk at one stage and had to have this cut and drained in Chase Farm Hospital

  • Skin Plenty of posts about Tea Tree Oil use going back 6 years, used for 12 years plus, skin conditions 25 years

  • Joints Clicking Ankles I said like Achilles Tendinitis

  • Aneurysms My father died of burst one

  • Digestive System Abdominal Pain, Diarrhoea, Bleeding, Check, Check and Check .. thought it was Diverticulitis!!

  • Brain Headache, Fever, Disorientation, Poor Balance, Stroke

  • There is some other stuff but I am not going into that and I am not affected by it anyway .. but someone I know is!!

  • EDIT: Hearing/Ear problems?! (WTF?!)

Any of that sound familiar?

Only one that does not apply to me is the aneurysm, which of course my father had and died form because it burst.

Oh dear.

Oh deary, deary .. me!

I have just had to text my family members .. well the ones that listen .. are interested and do not decide they do not have Fibromyalgia despite not being very bright or even speaking to a Doctor for the last thirty five years. Oh it is that fucking tedious and annoying person once again .. that speaks to you like shit when he dare not do it to anyone else they meet.

Anyway ..

Yes my daughter looked at this Doctor and said “My Dad has this!” along with something along the lines of me pestering her to get checked out ..

  • Because life is not easy and a bunch of so called professional idiots think that it is and like one pharmacist admitted to me that if they keep lying to patients and fucking them off with lies and excuses .. down the line it is going to explode ..

  • To which I said .. yup and it will be their excuse to get rid of the NHS and produce a private health service, no doubt owned by Americans!

Oooh .. dear!

My daughter knows only too well that I have asked and asked and asked over the years about this condition I have for fear it will get worse one day. Unbearably worse.

She is already at unbearable level .. a school board with a social worker in attendance sat shocked while the social worker suddenly refused to write a letter for my grandson to go to a new school. She refused and they have put in a formal complaints but just like I have done with every other step in this process .. DO NOT TRUST THE SCHOOLS! A friend of mine has a horror story about that, deceit and lies by a school which I have long since covered on here.

Well .. one woman on the board did end up crying. To which my evil ex said “She was a bit over-dramatic!” Yup, that is her all over .. everyone is overly dramatic unless it is about her. Everyone!

My daughter also recalled how she had told the GP about Fibromyalgia last October or November 2017, was told she would get a referral and how it never came. I said “See what I mean with these wankers?!” They still get fucking paid though? To do what?!

She also said that at her meeting and for the first time she verbally attacked the social worker and accused both her and Wirral Council of many things. The social worker said “[NAME], what brought this on, it is not like you to use language like that” and made a big thing about the use of a swear word. The panel members said “She is right and has a point though?!” before stating that they was going to put in a formal complaint.

I reminded my daughter that from devil to the God .. everyone has put in formal complaints and how far have any of them got?

I also said “See what I mean? Remember me telling you before that even with me they drive you up the fucking wall with their tricks, lies and broken promises and you end up getting angry .. losing your temper and swearing and the moment you swear .. ‘Ooh that is terrible, you swore?! Your now automatically in the wrong!’”

Yeah deliberately causing pain and suffering while you sit on your arse in people’s living rooms doing nothing but chat utter shite week after week being paid £40,000 plus a year out of the taxpayers money. That is perfectly fine. But the moment you piss anyone off enough to swear .. that is wrong?!

I have literally had this conversation dozens of times and it goes something like ..

“Your joking, right? Your attitude has now changed to treat me like a mass murderer because I swore? After everything you have done? Lies. Tricks. Promises broken. Pain. Suffering. And you are making a big fucking (deliberately swearing now) deal about the use of a fucking swear word?! Your a fucking tosser!”


So let us get this all in perspective ..

  • Whip me to go to work ..

    • Take away disability

      • TWICE

    • Take away Incapacity Benefit

  • Tax me so you get more money ..

  • Fob me off so you can save more money

    • Fibromyalgia .. that has caused 270 odd symptoms

      • Serious Magnesium Deficiency

      • Behcet’s Syndrome

    • Right Knee physical Issue lied about

    • Second Inguinal Hernia Lied about

    • Back Pain ignored, then tested wrong deliberately so they can ignore

  • Rob me

    • Of my freedom .. my own home

    • Family

    • Friends

    • Sanity and

    • Social life

And then doing that to my daughter from the age of 16 months and for the next 25 years and proceeding on to my grandchildren ..

.. nice!


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