Woo boy .. I am in a lot of pain.

I was cycling past some old swimming baths I used to frequent with friends as a child and as I approached I kept getting this weird .. thumping in my chest. It was slowing me down and someone I was following was getting further out of sight. As I saw the swimming baths, or leisure centre or whatever it is now, I had visions of just keeling over on my bike and dying right there. Would not have bothered me as long as it was not too painful..

It did not happen.

Eventually I managed to compose myself .. enter a large public park and catch up to someone else.

We ended up sitting by a man made reservoir now open to the public and a kind of nature reserve. A pair of Common Terns were sitting by the waters edge as we sat down. After chatting for about twenty minutes .. someone went by that my brother thought he knew. After he had got about fifty yards from us my brother called out “BRIAN?!”

The chap turned around saw my brother and came back to us. Nice chap and he had a hell of a great deal of interesting things to say. Right along the lines of this blog and one particular .. YouTuber. A YouTuber I have covered on here several times. In fact I had just watched a video of him giving a speech the night before ..

I will endeavour to locate this video and link it below.

I cannot recall whether Brian had attended a protest or had watched it on YouTube?

We wandered around, me limping like crazy, back pain, leg pain (well old pain and back of the fucked right knee the NHS diagnosed and then conveniently forgot about .. well after avoiding a diagnosis for 7 years) and anxiety.

We wandered around a lake and the subject got deeper and I said .. did you see a bearded gentleman called Carl Benjamin at this protest do a talk? Of course it is the old YouTuber Sargon of Akkad. He had!

I told him my story .. and I told him about my daughter and he very literally .. winced. The subject went on .. to what is wrong, what is screwed up, violent opportunists like Antifa and the corruption that is rife in the public and private sector.

He said “Careful. They will be watching you and shut you down! But I am glad that people like you are out there saying this stuff. People need to wake up!”

I then started to tell him about a certain .. redhead. WHo had contacted me via a dating site I never hear anything from. I told him about the subjects they were interested in, quantum mechanics, astronomy and others. Told him she had given me her number within no time at all. Added me to WhatsApp. Before I went on to tell him everything he said ..

“Don’t tell me .. was she MI5?!”

I said after laughing .. “Well .. funny you should say that ..”

I went on to say that I told her to “Give it up .. your MI5 or GCHQ so threaten me or make me an offer!”

Brian asked if I had tested her on the subject matter and I said that I did. He was smiling away and asked if she had responded correctly. I said .. well .. she did not actually respond at all!

I explained that after I had accused he of being government we had started to refer to her as Ms Moneypenny and that .. she had deleted her account on the date site. Odd .. as I have never .. EVER known anyone to do this before. Just another suspicious action they performed.

I told him that I had pictures and that I had fifteen recordings of her .. plus a transcript of what was said and the last thing I said was that I was shown the cover of a book on biological warfare. He stopped in his tracks and gave me a serious look and I said “yeah .. maybe they are going to do to me what was done to that Russian spy and his daughter?

He was the third or fourth person in two years that I poke to that believed that there was a secret government within government. I was shocked at this along with his belief that the politicians were all just puppets to some secret puppet master or masters. Yup .. I told him that I had been stating this for several years.

I told hi that I believed that a civil war was coming and he agreed. I told him about my long time posting accusing the government of deliberately causing this .. to turn different people against each other, different groups so that we would do the dirty work for them. They could later claim we was all animals while it was they that orchestrated the whole thing and had gotten way with it .. squeaky clean.

He said “You know what?! I think your dead right there?! They do not want to get their hands dirty and we are screwed over for money and now they will turn us on each others!”

He believed that there as the real feeling .. in the air that .. something was .. coming.

He also shocked me by stating that he had noticed that loads and loads of things are very deliberately being kept out of the news media. He claimed that everyone should refuse the ?~@#! BBC any licence money. They are evil and corrupt and that there are trying to brainwash us and basically shepherd us along like we are sheep.

I had lost count of the number of times this guy shocked me and I could not even recall right now all of the things we talked about. We are talking many, many dozens of things.

I had been out a week ago and bumped into another bird watcher. It become obvious that he had met my brother as he claimed he was told that the Edible Frogs, which are not quite Edible Frogs, were let go by a guy he had met. He said he did not know if it was true or not. I told him that it was and he asked me how. I said ..

“Because that guy you met was my brother and the frogs were released by me!” and that kinda blew his mind.

For the last week my brother was trying to figure out who it might be but could not quite work him out.

Today as we walked into a different nature reserved we turned a bend towards some bird hides and there he stood. My brother said hello to him .. turned to me and started to tell me who he was and I stopped him with a grin and said “Umm .. yeah .. I know him” to which my brother was shocked as was the guy before I removed my sunglasses while saying “This was the guy I told you about!” and as my glasses were taken off Mike;s face was awash with realisation and he said “Oh?! HELLO!!” and I pointed at my brother and said to Mike “See?! I told you he was my brother!” before he went “Oooh yeah!”

I then did an hour talk about the frogs, what they are like before they took photos of many of them. I explained that I was about 12 or 13 when I had let them go. They were only tiny froglets and tadpoles and I never expected them to survive.

This is Walthamstow Marshes.

Mike eventually parted after some long discussions and watching some Grey Wagtails and a male Reed Bunting who popped up and perched for twenty minutes. I claimed that the bird was mocking me as I was without a single camera or even a pair of binoculars.

Long story. Tried to avoid. Bossed and nagged about moving stuff that did not need to be moved. Would not listen when I said it did not need to be moved. They got it wrong. But my stuff got buried .. the stress of it all got to me and I went down hill .. fast. Still ..

This damned Reed Bunting was in a perched position I had been trying to photograph one in for a number of years now. Five or more to be precise and there it perched. Right in front of us as if .. no .. it WAS mocking me!

After another hour on what turned out to be somewhere between four hours at an absolute minimum but think it was more like six hours we parted with Brian. Just before he did he said ..

“What was the name of your blog again?!” With a smile on his face.

I said “Just Google A Saint Called Allnights and you will probably find the top two or three results will be my blog. You will see the name in the webpage address.”

I also told him I had, had the most interesting conversation in a long, long time.

I am still losing weight.

Though I have managed to eat a few things.

I just have to make it through tomorrow but I think .. personally and educated guess here, Friday as well?!

Well .. I did state that someone wanted .. no, DID move stuff they did not need to move and got it wrong? Well .. I did not think it would be just two days and would be longer and with other .. annoying periods. Well those two days turned out to be three because ..

Supposed to be out the 8th and 9th of May (2018) I was told to get out on the 7th! So two days have already become three.

Yeah .. was in a lot of pain last night and kinda fucking tired and umm .. well I do not really remember anything of last night!

My back was hurting as was my hips. Feet always hurt but I had tuned that one out .. years of self training.

Heart was playing up .. mainly in the morning hours and by the afternoon it had calmed down enough for me to enjoy the day.

Had to move stuff tonight. Think the weight will drop rapidly and .. oh yeah .. I resorted to taking some of the pills I have left to help get through a day someone, totally selfish, should not have forced on me.

Having long been diagnosed with all sorts of health problems I discovered that the heart wall thickening that was going on they had no idea about could be .. calcification which is possible because, as I have shown in previous posts, my magnesium levels are low. This has been known by the NHS and my GPs for probably four or five years. As I stated .. they failed inform me about any of the other stuff .. like dying for instance. Think I put a link to the Sudden Death thing in the last post?

I will be surprised, not pleasantly, if tomorrow or Friday does not kill me!

Well if I do die suddenly at least I have got the facts out here so that anyone that is told about the circumstances in which I died they will know if it is a cover up or not?

It will be a cover up .. trust me on that one.

If it happens and is sudden. After all I do kinda have another .. plan.

So speaks Sargon ..



Oh yeah .. Brian also stated something I, and others, have always said..

“Isn’t if funny that with this extreme left lot, like Antifa, who cannot put up a single decent argument, call everyone that does not agree with them, right-wing?!”


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