Travelling to a new planet? Yes please!

Too late for me and with this crippling .. change of moods that come on like a veritable tornado .. I’d probably die of heart failure.

To be honest and with the rate my heart seems to be leaping through hoops or going through a grinder at every noise I hear I sometimes think I’ll just keel over.

I kinda wish it would just happen to be honest .. or at least within a few days of losing my court case of I’m lucky. Or unlucky .. depending on your perspective.

Weight loss is happening fairly rapidly too. I think about two stone had vanished but I’ve not weighed myself.

I do know that my trousers feel very big and I’m tightening my belt more than I have done in years.

I just don’t want to eat .. plus there are these theories in my head that the weight loss could be ..

beneficial. If not then it won’t be long before it becomes .. well, final as such.

That’s how pig sick I am of the UK government and its evil public services.

I’ve wondered whether to do a video log and upload to YouTube?

Maybe when it’s more obvious that it’s having an affect?!

I suppose that on a spacecraft that they would probably give you a cyanide pill or something in case things go south and to avoid any suffering?

Not here on Earth though. Some ancient archaic belief that people can suffer and that’s OK but that to end that suffering as you would an animal .. now that’s not on.

Oh I have always had an irrational fear of heights .. something else I do not understand but have not had to deal with it very much in twenty years plus.

Well there will be plenty of exoplanets to choose from before very long and it already numbers in the thousands already.

We could move to another planet with a spaceship like this


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