Well that was .. bleak reading.

I’m back with another boom, check recent posts, as I awoke in another state this morning. Another bad state. Back to wishing I was dead and then I was .. accosted, you might say, and had pressure piled on me. I let out an audible groan that was not picked up on.

This is because everything had happened the way I had predicted and not how someone else has decided to prepare. For a very long event that’s something of an upheaval and happening several months earlier than I was told. At the worst possible time. Anyone works be forgiven for thinking this was by design? I know it occurred to me this morning.

My stuff is .. unreachable. Things got moved around into places and the place is a mess. My stuff got moved after I had said several times to leave it. Because we didn’t know what was happening. It got moved. Except the space I was told needed to be cleared now has someone else’s stuff in its place. So .. it didn’t .. umm .. needed to be moved. They are scattered and have been for several days, maybe a week?

No admission of being wrong and no apology just how it’s been all my life.

I’ve stated for years that being here would kill me and for that reason is never .. ever .. return.

But I tried to help others I care about who themselves are in danger which involves children and .. well .. here I am.

One of the things I had planned on doing was based on photography. The one area of photography I was not interested in was Wedding Photography.

Today I saw this article talking about whether wedding photography was dead or not. It’s not the area I was interested in but I thought I’d give it a look. See if I can learn something? See if I can get any tips on case I can survive the next six months? Can’t see that to be honest.

Wow. They charge more than I thought for a wedding! I wouldn’t mind doing just one wedding a week at half the higher end prices!

But then as I read about what’s involved I started to change my mind. Two stories involved marriages that didn’t even last a year?! I then read as the photographer stated he can’t use the shots for promotional stuff out of respect for those involved in the wedding that may get upset?! My .. word!

Dozens of people with phone cameras getting in the way of your shots?!

People that are too drunk?

Then the article talked about how established businesses are getting less and less work and how everyone had a reason, as did the author of the article?

Some writing the rising prices from venues to catering. Odd because to my mind if I had someone that meant that much that I would marry her .. I would want the best photographs.

I guess less and less people are getting married these days too?

It was an interesting read when I didn’t expect it to be.

Of course when if I’d got to the stage where of advertise to do weddings .. is need help and .. transport.

I had intended to talk about this but .. shouldn’t have needed to. Because I had already spent six months and a lot of money setting it up with the Job Centre who then pulled the rug a week after I signed to go self employed.

Then horrific things happened. I moved around a lot. The help never came back as promised.

Go figure.

Oh how I would love to just be going out taking photographs.

I am more into wildlife, nature, astrophotography, landscapes and more recently a little street, buildings, symmetry, architecture, monochrome and other things I was looking at anew all the time.

Wedding Photography is Dead

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