Well .. there’s this document I’ve been working on that I should really put on here, in the event that something .. with a large degree of finality happens to me.

This is for two other people, really, and I’ve been working on it fur over a week.

My life has been turned upside down .. well it wasn’t great to begin with and only got worse thanks to both my condition and the evil public services. Since then it’s been turned inside out and tossed into the fiery pits of hell. Well OK there have been other .. contributions.

Oddly .. yesterday afternoon and .. this afternoon the extreme anxiety have levelled off a little so I’ve been able to write and post a couple of things.

I’ve not been eating. Hardly at all and in fact I managed to eat a sandwich not long ago which is the first .. real food since Saturday? Maybe Sunday?

I lost weight .. quickly and within no time at all noticed it was at least a stone. Probably around two stone now. I’ve noticed it and I’m sure had I not developed a phobia or going outside others would have. Just as well as I hate being nagged. Especially with someone here that kind of moans at what you should do as if the words uttered are magical.

My Good God of those words were magical they would have laid waste to half of London and a quarter of the south east!

What I’ve also had yesterday and today is an absolute insatiable craving fur my favourite Monster drink. I must have not drink very much the last week too?Not  only am I picky when it comes to drinks but most give me bad heartburn and many will taste like shit now too. I can say this with confidence as I’ve already been told as much. Peach and fiery cherry, I think it was, don’t help matters. I’m not going to buy a drink I simply cannot stomach. Rice flavoured Volvic bottled water literally tastes better than just drinks.

Yeah I had to make a report on what was going on and what’s been wrong .. with me.

I also had to report something that I felt I had but had been reported in the news media over another court case. That I was not assessed for mental health.

Someone is now going to sue the DWP claiming that they and their assessment was both wrong but more importantly,, discriminated against people with mental health issues.

I’m fed up with being constantly fucked over by the NHS over my conditions that even a social worker friend of mine has stated .. when he feels like it and not blaming it on someone he seriously obsesses over.

I’m fed up with being screwed over by the DWP and constantly being threatened with homelessness because of them and having two, maybe now three, lots of deposits stolen from me by landlords ..

Never do anything about that though do they? No, when it’s money they think is owed to fucking then they fuck you over our have you dragged through courts at the blink of an eye.

But it’s all for the good of the people .. that’s what they tell the media and the media incompetent do no investigative journalism at all and just trust what they say.

Tell that to the scores of people with terminal cancer who have lost money .. including one guy in the media that stated that he can’t get chemotherapy any more because he can’t afford the fucking fares to the fucking hospital. Dying? Ambulances?!

I typed this out in three or more different periods throughout the day .. on the very last one I have been feeling better .. ish. Deceptive this thing though and .. well .. I never know when it is going to come back and times like these its always there .. just out of sight but there in the dark just waiting to return home again ..

.. except many talk therapy people will tell me to go and do the very things that may cause it to come racing back again .. instead of providing any real and practical help.

I can normally find, claw or talk my way back from anything .. but to do this you need a foundation.

Sometimes think the UK is just one big charade at times .. and everywhere you look.

In fact I recently told how a friend of my daughter’s actually admitted that she thought I was crazy with my claims about the NHS. She did not think that I was crazy .. only that my claims were.

She was expecting a child and fast forward a few months and sadly she lost the child one week before term. A series of things happened and she was basically bullied into tears by a midwife. She then turned around after admitting she thought my thoughts on the NHS were crazy and said “.. but your Dad was right. He was right about everything”

Well I have now found out that she now tells everyone she knows about this .. tells anyone that will listen about my claims. About what she thought of them to begin with. Then she tells them about what she experienced .. saw .. heard .. herself. She tells family .. friends and other mothers. I said “reeally?!” and my daughter just laughed and said “Yeah”.

One thing I do know about those two is that they are addicted to Facebook and social media in general. Things went round like wildfire with those to. I have been tagged in so many things and news stories it simply is not true.

I was speaking to a Russian citizen on the comments section of one my my own videos tonight. We got talking about corrupt media and the BBC, Sky, Russia Today and CNN was mentioned. Now he informs me that the Russians believe a third world war is coming. I said “well we don’t!” to which he was like ‘really?!’ I said “Yeah .. there is more likely to be a civil war than a third world war in all honesty and no one I know talks about a third world war”. Well .. not that I know that many people but I do not see it talked about online either. Not where I look and get tagged.

Here is a link where you can read the discussion .. even where I go into scientific stuff in end of the world scenarios. Global warming, continental shift, magnetic flip, asteroid strikes and humongous solar flares. Probably others I cannot recall.

The video has had over 5,000 views and more dislikes than likes. Well .. there are a lot of sad pathetic fanboys out there.

Now he started off defending me to gaming, what they call, fanboys who proved they cannot read, don’t like things said unless you agree with them who attacked me and have done for months and called me .. me .. stupid.

I was called a sad pathetic British lefty in one video comment, do not know whether it was that video in the link above?

The Russian believes as I do .. that there are a bunch of idiots that collectively think they are correct when they are wrong and are trying to take over the world. Well .. kinda.

As I said to him, or perhaps her, .. yeah people have taken something seriously out of context and I have to correct them ..

Look? You have a right to an opinion. But that does not automatically make that opinion .. well, right! In other words you have every right to be wrong.

I also went on to say that it is such a shame because it is clear out there that you can quite easily get paid to lie .. to fit someone’s agenda. What I have learned is you cannot get paid to tell the truth! By any one!


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