Oddly I had intended not to put today ..

I’ve been really, really .. suffering.

But I did see something on The Canary sure that popped up in my notifications. Or cards.

There is no need for the NHS as it turns out as the DWP and the government have found a magic cure for the sick and disabled. It’s called work.

Funny that as I would have liked to work out even start my own business but the first time I asked, around 2008-9 there was no help. Even for disabled people. I was then told there was help back in 2016 .. though you could hardly call it help ..

  • 75 per week for 13 weeks
  • 33 per week due another 13 weeks
  • That’s it
  • If your lucky and your generally not you might get a loan .. a LOAN of a thousand pounds.

I went for it. Got approved .. twice .. then a week after going self employed they pulled the rug from under me.

After domestic violence elsewhere I find myself 250 miles north west of here and then discovering my daughter has cervical cancer, granddaughter suffers with Autism and losing money while it took me awhile to figure out I had to claim Universal Credit. Then lost another weeks money.

Now it turns out that someone, think it was DPAC, got their hands .. crap my chest is now playing up to go along with my thighs and severe anxiety. They fit hold of some details on the DWP coercing GPs to say that their patients are fit for work and even encourage them. Funny in to state it was part of the healing?

Tell that to all the dead people who died as a direct result of this stealthy, underhanded and inhumane government conspiracy.

And what all this was done without the NHS’ knowledge? Like fuck was it!

I told you so .. been telling you so for nearly six years now and I am relieved to read this.

I also said many, many times it will be found out and the history books of the future will have some choice words to say about all this and the people involved.

EDIT: And voluntary euthanasia is illegal .. hypocrites! I would take this rather than this sentence that results in pain, suffering and torment.

RIP Alfie Evans


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