Want to talk about local council blunders?

Want to talk about expensive local council blunders?

How about embarrassing local council blunders that would have had me hide is shame or throw myself into the Mersey River?!

Well this is one my daughter told me about ..

Connie an entire Olympic swimming pool before realising they are a whole lane short?!

My daughter is back home with my granddaughter .. much to my shock.

As it turns out .. my granddaughter had a fever of over 41 degrees .. eyes rolled back in her head and the school refused to give her cowpol, even refused to give it to my daughter to five to her, to bring her temperature down?!

Move on to an NHS Walk In Centre .. nurses and Doctors refuse to even look at the child having a fit in my daughter’s arms. Telling her she has to ring for an ambulance?!

Ambulance crew ask my daughter on the phone if a Doctor can come with the child?

Answer .. NO!

Ambulance crew sheepishly answer a quiet “oh .. right” before asking “Well can a Doctor stay with her until we get there?”

Answer .. NO!

At the hospital tests done were negative. Temps come down and she comes around. Worrying her sugar level comes back a little above 3, making me wonder if she is diabetic?!

Doctors seem to be happy she had come around, get her to eat .. then she vomits .. starts to go floppy and had a second seizure. A second?!

She eventually comes out of that one and they don’t know what’s wrong but send them home?!

I simply couldn’t believe it!

But then we are talking about an area where everyone there in the public services seen to make Olympic sized mistakes?!

Jesus H. Christ! This .. country.

Wait until all these staff are out marching and demanding your support because they want a pay rise, or a bigger one and I’ve a suggestion ..

.. go down there and pelt the wankers with rotten or raw eggs!

I simply could not believe either what my daughter and granddaughter had been subjected to and nor could I believe the Olympic Pool mistake! Did not see that one in the fucking news did we?

An Olympic swimming pool payed for by the taxpayer that actually gets completed and no one notices that they are a whole lane missing from being able to be classed as Olympic sized?! That wasn’t in the news?! I would ask if I was out of the country at the time but .. chance would be a fine thing?!

A whole bunch of people who cannot count to six?!

The builder of said pool “This is entirely a council mistake, trust me on that!”

This is the last, hopefully very last, in a series about my granddaughter having some sort of fit that has scared the hell out of us.

That was not the only thing that scared us as the treatment by these so called healthcare workers have left us .. terrified. I simply said ..

“God, I cannot believe this .. this is scary .. I mean really scary!

My daughter was talking about living in Scotland only yesterday and it was funny as I had planned to live there for a year taking wildlife and landscape photographs. That was before the domestic violence happened and the Job Centre stabbed me in the back .. and the DWP stabbed me in the back for like fourth time. Might even be more than that .. memory not too good.

Now I have a king-sized headache and am feeling very, very .. tired.

Oh and there was some big fight in the hospital when two Police Offiers and two social workers failed to keep warring parents apart over something to do with their two sons .. how professional!



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