I’ll have to finish and post this tomorrow.

But in case I forget I’ve linked it in and created a draft post. I don’t want to forget.

I have this humongous headache .. no not the person bullying I had earlier but a bonafide headache.

I also have intense muscle pains in my legs .. would appear my magnesium is low so I hove been forgetting to take my magnesium pills. I have a magnesium deficiency that gets quite painful at times.

I’ve not had a headache for bloody years! I used to get a lot of them many years ago but in recent years it’s the one thing I don’t get is headaches.

There is a petition that had been sent to me by 38 Degrees and likely you read or heard about this one?

It’s too do with yet another child, makes three posts about three different children in just twenty four hours.

This is to do with cannabidiol and it helping a child I think that has a lot of seizures.

If you are not already aware yet another thing sitting right under our noses help cure or alleviate conditions or seizures that somehow got .. missed?!

Might want to look it up .. probably find out about it on YouTube .. I bet a lot of people that have suffered for years with severe seizures and getting more and more pissed right bout now?!

Ooh God I just had a thought .. my granddaughter had two seizures today .. this of not going to be us very soon is it?!

Anyway there is a petition linked below of you want to sign it ..

Time for the government and the NHS to catch up with the twenty first century.



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