Sorry .. I heard something else about Alfie before I posted this .. did another post because I was angry at the sheer patronising attitude of the court judge and forgot I had not posted this one..

As a forenote to mention something else I have since heard .. I rattled off a salvo about Judge Hayden making comments about summonses being issued for murder against three Doctors. Sorry but .. as I said in my other post .. a Judge CANNOT make decisions or even draw opinions because of another case. Not until it has been fully heard and a sentence given if any are due.

But he did this before even any preliminary hearing and that in itself is astounding. His argument is that filing legal proceedings against the NHS is seen in his eyes as hostility .. biased much?

Well .. I have now been told that the Italians are talking about doing the same?!

Hey, Judge Hayden? Please go and be condescending and patronosing to the Italian govenment and the Vatican?! Please? Pretty Please?! 

That I would dearly love to bloody read about!

Now onto this post, and the title. I ws orginally going to give the title just one word. Starting with the letter ‘W’ and ending in anker. But I have to keep it clean .. apart from the odd ‘f-bomb’ when I want to stress how angry I am about something.

That’s Judge Hayden to you. In the title.

“All we want to do is what’s best for Alfie’s family” is what he said.

He did that while taking away their rights. Taking away Alfie’s rights. Spoke on a condescending and patronising way about Alfie’s patents attitude.

Like I said .. wanker!

‘Taking Alfie to Italy (and somewhere else) is out of the question’ he also stated or something to that effect.

An Italian citizen not allowed to go home?! Hmm now that I think about it did this not happen once before? With a real Italian citizen?!

Short answer, yes.

It was an Italian woman who have birth while in the UK that the authorities decided was not sane, was planning to take her new born baby off her and prevent the child and mother from returning to Italy.

Because in recent times the British government seems to know better than any other countries authorities and wants to take things out of everyone else’s hands?!

Fuck me .. we really have become the World Police?!

Except .. it’s all done with a hypocritical attitude no one notices and is kept quiet. In fact even this act of evil is probably done to hide the truth.

That the British government or the secret ring or group that controls them is treating it’s own people like crap. Knowingly letting adults and children both fit, would be bad enough, and sick along with vulnerable .. die. This could be suicide, freezing to death or .. starving to death.

That very last point is an interesting one because after hearing that they turned off life support which didn’t result in Alfie dying, making them look like the fools that they are. Yup, after hearing that I heard that .. I was told that they had not fed Alfie for some 20 hours prior to turning off life support?!

Wait, what?!

So let’s get this straight?

It’s wrong to take the poor child abroad in a bid to save his life but it’s OK for them to starve him to death?!

These people have no one’s best interests in mind and are nothing more than fucking evil monsters of this is true.

Heard of people that like to play God?

This one goes one better as they are playing both God and the DEVIL!

Who the fuck drags this out over six months or more, starves the child, refuses the child a chance, says no to another country, turns off the machines before this out country can stop them in court, the boy still survives making them look like the fucking incompetent idiots that they are and then still block any attempts to save him by preventing the parents from taking their son overseas?!

Am I actually getting that right?!

What the fuck is this?! Some fashionable attempt to look left wing going a little too far?!

I’m done with the UK have condescending twats in courts that think they are God and acting like they are of some higher order.

Jesus H. Christ over the next few years David Icke is going to have a fucking field day in his talks over this.

I’m wondering if a normally reserved woman I know on Facebook had a sudden outburst recently about the UK?

I also cannot help but wonder if this is deliberate?! Are the powers that be deliberately trying to incite something?

It’s weird .. unbelievably obvious they’re all fucking mental.

I don’t think I’m going to bother putting myself through pain, rush of death (huh maybe that’s their intention) to go to a fucking HMCTS court I know is corrupt anyway. If you can’t trust the Supreme Court then the rest can fuck off!!

Disgusting .. truly I’m ashamed.

Honestly .. who would want to go through a fucking lengthy legal process like this in future only for hat outcome. No one I know wants to even bother looking for legal advice over the NHS. I know .. they tell me. The trouble is the medical records are then wrong, incomplete and that was the intention .. to get things left off medical records you you cannot prove anything when your being attacked, hounded and taken to court by these bastards.

They even get Police protection.

But then I have covered this before .. I know one person who had a disagreement with a GP who had lied. They pointed out he lied .. but he then said horrid things reducing a woman to tears .. her father came down, not me by the way, and the next thing the Police were demanding they leave.

These are the public services that take your taxes to award themselves handsomely .. do nothing and then asking for your sympathy when they have not got the pay rise they wanted or expected. Than go back to doing nothing.

In one of my recent posts I posted a recording of my daughter .. lied to by the NHS, Local Council and DWP. Has cervical cancer .. a blood clot they fucked up about over 2.5 days .. just happened and I will get to that momentarily. A child with severe autism they have now lied about. Will be made homeless before the year is out. Big patch on her leg now, might be two, very large with red and yellow and according to what we have read .. BLOOD CLOT!

It does not matter which public service it is .. they are all, or the major ones are, corrupt!

Judge rejects plea to fly sick Alfie Evans to Italy but asks doctors to consider letting tot go home


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