Well this was bind to happen but the timing could not be more perfect.

Though the child it is perfect for is in a right sorry state of affairs, it had to be said.

In fact once I’m going to mention what I had been told and what I’ve noted I’m going to leave it a few days to see what else is said .. or not said.

As the protest about poor Alfie Evans was going on another child was coming into the world. I was not even aware she was expecting but the Duchess of Cambridge had her third child.

No cap on that arrangement then? Despite the taxpayers money being laid out being significantly more than your average Joe.

Also of note was no mention of Alfie Evans on the BBC News but fair play to Sky News for mentioning it and having a web page about Alfie Evans, the protest and what his father said.

That’s the first thing .. the second was what I got told on the phone by someone that lives nearby. Yup Alfie .. I have someone not far from you whose fighting of her own injustices going on against her and her children. It involves lying and falsifying reports and I know it’s going on in a lot of places. With a lot of people.

Someone I’ve known on Facebook for years recently published a notice that stated what, basically, a twisted and such country we live in and how did it get like this?!

Clever planning. Not so clever at not leading us into this fucking godawful mess in the first place ..

.. despite the fact that I predicted it 4.5 years before it started, stating it would happen within five years.

I fell out with friends and family over that and was called a nutcase.

But as my grandfather always pointed out .. when I’m sure I’m right about something I stick to my guns. That happens a lot. Fortunately I’m not called mad any more. Especially as I now possess evidence to a series of events even crazier sounding than predicting the financial crisis. Yesiree. Oops!

Yeah you would have thought that after being proved right over and over again and then priced right over the financial crisis that people .. shouldn’t bet against me. But they did.

Got cut off there momentarily.

So .. on Facebook .. people are pissed. They have stated that the news is all over the third baby by Prince William but poor Alfie does not get a mention. Must be more of that fake news they keep on about?

I have also been informed twice now that they turned off life support?! Right after the Italian government awarded Alfie Italian citizenship?!

Well if that is not two fingers held up by the British Government to the Italian government then I do not know what is?!

The last thing I was told was the following ..

“It is all going to kick off up here”

If the British public do not have an outcry over this and ask serious questions of the British government, the British legal system and its courts along with the NHS then I do not know what will?


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