Well it is coming to something ..

.. when a foreign nation feels so sorry and strongly about something that they will and already have granted poor Alfie Evans citizenship in a bid to protect him .. for the British Government and British Legal System.

If that does not state it all then I do not know what will ..

“The Italian government hopes that being an Italian citizen will allow the child immediate transfer to Italy.”

This is what an Italian official said in a statement.

Meanwhile in the UK I get a phone-call from my daughter giving me some news that was bad but can and will prove that the NHS lies through its teeth and children’s safety is far from paramount any more .. only money and the saving of it while others get paid matters any more to the UK government and public services. That post is coming up later today. With a recording of a conversation between my daughter and myself and what happened .. and trust me when I say my daughter has talked about ending her own life many, many times.

So outside Alder Hey Hospital a protest went on.

Alfie Evans father stated that the Italian government would also block any plans the UK had to withdraw life support?! Oh boy .. you really could not make this shit up. It is like something my daughter and I have experienced for many years coming apart at the seams in the news media. Well .. let us see if it is on the TV News .. certainly seems like Sky News might cover it as I am reading their web-page and I have linked it below.

Over two hundred people headed towards the hospital doors but of course the hired thugs and protectors of these establishment and helping them tell lies stopped them. Not a secret organisation but a public one we normally call the Police. Though they are incompetent when it comes to being a detective and catching criminals and murderers as both my daughter and I can account for. In fact despite being fucked over by everyone the Police now expect my daughter to appear in court over said murder. Not three months after appearing on court over her own domestic violence and what a fuck up that was, let me tell you.

Oh and how could I forget that the European Court of Human Rights ruled against them too .. but then as I have made it known repeatedly .. I do not trust Europe just as little as I trust the UK government and have not done for over ten years now.

As I stated previously .. how dare a judge say what this is doing to Alfie when they fucking made them wait and wait and wait .. until they get their fat, lazy, over-paid arses into gear to arrange a simple hearing.

Nobody has acted against the poor boys best interests than that of all the courts involved.

You would think that the NHS and the UK government would have learned from last time this happened and we all know what happened with that one. Did not turn out favourably for the UK government or the NHS but what happened? Nothing.

I have said it over and over and over again that all the stuff being ignored by the public for years was only going to lead to more heinous, shocking and horrific events occurring.

Lets see what they do when larger amounts of the population start ignoring the laws because they aren’t worth a wet .. anything?

My own heart feels like its going to tear out of my own chest most of every day and .. there is no one I can speak to according to NHS England .. started testing, had to leave area .. condescending and patronizing in my medical records .. ooh yes I have them .. well the last couple of years at any rate .. still a damn long read.


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