I can’t imagine what two particular parents are going through ..

I’m not that far away mind you.

So Alfie’s parents have finally been denied by all the courts in the land?! Unbelievable.

This must finally go a long way to making the British public trust realise something. That the British Legal system is very, very questionable.

Odd that governments have the power to decide when it’s OK to take life and when it is not, on taking your own with voluntary euthanasia.

I’d like do see someone punish comparisons on this with the legal systems in other countries.

I used to believe we were world leaders in many things but in the last fifteen years all these beliefs have been eroded away completely.

This is one of the most shocking things I have ever witnessed as well as one of the saddest.

What messages is out twisted and corrupt legal system sending out now?

Like those posters that tell you that ‘Kindness Kills’?! How about ‘Courts Decide When to Kill’?!

The best one of all is after several years of being clearly and obviously wrong to everyone they will admit it at some point, say they are working on it and tell the public to bear with them as it takes them a long time to do anything and that this is how things are.

I had someone tell me that there is a government within government. Second time that has been stated to me within the last five years. I mean just that line .. because absolutely everyone says there is corruption. What differs is how far it has spread and what is affected. NHS being the one hardest to convince people .. probably because of the oaths sworn?

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: Alfie Evans case: Supreme Court rules against parents for second time –


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