So ..

What did I say about tax on plastic bottles?

What did I say about Britain having fucking little effect on the plastic in the oceans?!

Over and over again and time after time people have their heads either in the clouds, in the sands or they just don’t care either way.

Don’t ask me about the ratios of the above because I don’t know. Yeah, yeah even after all this time.

But then we seem to his the biggest liars we know on the highest pedestals .. and everyone does it .. well except me.

People either hold politicians in high esteem or .. actors and actresses because of .. oh yeah feeels.

Ooh God .. how could I forget fanboys?!

Yes .. fanboys that hold big business in high esteem most of which lie to us, thick they have done automatic right to our money. Think they can sell as fault and refurbished crap as new .. start charging you monthly for something (oops software as well as tech companies then?) and their fences expect government handouts of the money they have already ripped you off over because of .. jobs.


Honestly .. I couldn’t have made this shit to ten years ago for fear of being placed in a straightjacket and placed in a padded subs proof cell.

If anyone had said this to me over ten years ago .. maybe fifteen then I would have had them committed. No, seriously.

I guess stuff very early on but I didn’t expect to come across half the things I did.

Never .. ever .. expected to find out the things I did about the NHS.

I never .. ever .. expected the DWP and Local Councils too go as far as they did.

Never expected the TV News media to keep it all out of their reports the way that they did.

I mean mothers dying, leaving children behind again and again but ignored in favour of what’s fucking happening on big brother?!

Or what career liar is dating what career liar, whether they are marrying or not or having children?!

We are obsessed with liars in all the wrong ways .. have been this way for years. Such or heads in the sand and they get away with it.

Well take a look outside? Look where it’s got us?!

Ooh you think it was a different way we got here? Well I’ve been at this for nearly fifteen years .. recording for eight years and blogging for nearly six. Pain and suffering, pain and suffering while working my backside off to fend off the ravenous wolves..

But no .. let’s here your ‘off the top of your head’ version of how we got here?


Yeah .. take a look at the link below and make sure you see the picture. That is a fucking lot of plastic and that is just a single God damn river in Asia .. Indonesia to be precise. Not a very big island, Indonesia, but that is a God damned mountain of plastic!! One .. fucking river in a small God damned country!!

But yeah .. in the times of austerity and blatant ignoring of the human rights of the British people .. when your halving the rent payments, stealthily lowering disability money and driving hundreds of thousands to suicide, look up Calum’s List. Yeah .. charge as tax for the plastic in a bottle of coke just when your charging for the sugar in it, but not other things, as well as your usual .. oh sorry no .. RAISED amount of VAT. Fuck me the British powers that be are on a roll ..

.. there will be some carcinogenic in the ink on the God damned labels next?!

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: Giant plastic ‘berg blocks Indonesian river –


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