Well would you look at that?

The Academy of Medical Sciences said doctors were seeing a clustering of different physical and mental health conditions in a single patient never previously seen together before.

What the actual .. fuck?!

I .. don’t .. believe it.

At fucking last!

Well .. we have heard this before and not only can I state that with extreme confidence .. I reported it several years ago!

Let’s time travel back several weeks? How about several months? No. Try going back several years!

David Cameron had just got in power and the Citizen’s Advice do the only thing they are actually any good at, other than teaching non-English speaking people how to fill in benefit claim forms. They wrote a letter .. to David Cameron.

In this letter it stated that the government were not treating people with multiple conditions fairly.

I also stated that I feared that their reasoning for welfare system overhaul was to be more efficient and fairer was bullshit.

I also stated that I believed that my condition was actually get more widespread than even I thought it was and that they were burying it and had been for years?

Well we know about the others .. but ..

Guess what? Did you not read?

They are discovering many more people with several conditions that include both pain and mental health issues.

I believe these, or most of them, to be Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia Syndrome and Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome.

Recall what else I said long ago? That I firmly believe these are all different levels of the exact same condition. Though to be fair my knowledge of the latter comes from just one single patient I only ever spoke to over the phone. But I did so for very long periods.

How many times do my theories and predictions have to appear in the news before someone takes notice?

Does this not now look like an attempt to make it look like they have just realised before everyone realises they are burying most conditions? All the ones that are not household or widely known conditions, like cancer (though I’m gathering proof on this one all the time), Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and Diabetes.

I’ve a friend with Diabetes whose never been bothered, though a friend of his that has it now has.

Well .. I did predict .. even to him that they would eventually run out of obscure and unheard of conditions and start on the .. widely known ones.

They have come at me twice, with the help of a great many other corrupt organisations, like HMCTS, and still he’s unaffected and he is way fitter than me. By his own admission.

Now in my very last post I divulged .. on ongoing endeavour .. or at least one of them..

One hundred and forty thousand families going without food and power due to lack of money?

How many of them are as fit as a fiddle?

Now think about the fact it’s been reported that record numbers of people are homeless?

A record number of people are in debt and rent arrears too.

How many of them are as fit as a fiddle?

How many have been lied to and ignored by the one person we all thought we could trust? Our Doctor?

But wait just a darned minute there ..

What about the 150 or so thousand and rising that have died as a result of all this inhumane treatment??

Yeeeah .. don’t sound like quite the tinfoil hat wearing fruitloop I did in the beginning nearly six years ago, do I?

Now think about that ..

I’ve been stating all this stuff for nearly six years ..

Where are all my accolades?

Where are all the journalists beating down my door?! (Good job finding it as I’m currently homeless lol technically)

Where are all the apologies?!

Yeah right .. like my knighthood it’s at the bottom of the Thames!


Oh and I ran out of my first pills five days ago .. still nothing from NHS England … sooo?

If I had just gotten off a boat you can bet your life I would have everything I need by the end of the day .. somewhere to live too?!

Oh-oh-oh .. I just remembered .. the NHS did try to get a bunch of patients to work full time .. for free .. several years ago! I know because I attended three of these so called panic management courses which was nothing of the kind. Unless of course working for free full time and specifically for the NHS is a miracle cure for several things?!

Imagine that? Going to work for the corporation for free and full time that has refused to diagnose you, refused you scans, falsified test results and refused other treatments and drugs that are all just sitting there in the very building your sitting in and working in five days a week for free ..

.. if that has not been a major piss take on a lot of people then I do not know what the fuck classes as a piss take in some people’s proverbial books.

I think I will re-link that recording on here?

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: Being a patient ‘a full-time job’ –


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