Is this it?

Is this where we are now?

Is this how far divided we have become?

When I first heard this story of a burglar being killed by his victim in a place I know called Hither Green in South London I didn’t read the story. I get very little time to focus on stories and often miss ones I would otherwise want to cover on my blogs.

However .. when I later heard that there were reprisals over this death and then heard there was a row about placing flowers and after being initially confused .. I started to take more notice.

In the story below .. it states that the victim of the crime has had to flee his home and that most neighbours are feeling intimidated by the friends and family of the criminal?!

What .. the .. actual .. fuck?!

They have been placing flowers outside the home where the man died. People say they have a right to grieve. Preventing them from placing flowers does not prevent them from grieving, let’s get that out of the way first. It simply does not.

The locals have stated that they see the placing flowers as an attempt at deliberate intimidation towards a load of potential victims who would otherwise defend themselves and their homes.

I have to admit it looks like a bunch of thieves and burglars are trying to send the message .. “See?

When we come back to burgle you .. you had better not attack us in any way because this is what you get. Forced out of your home, bricks through windows, flowers placed for the criminals and a car circling the block to keep check on the flowers!”

Oh did I forget that bit about the car? Yeah the locals have also stated that a car keeps circling the block?!

But despite the fact it’s because one resident won’t be intimated, feels insulted by the placing of flowers and keeps taking them down, they keep replacing them!

Ooh boy.

I’ve spent nearly six years telling a story about how I’ve been repeatedly treated like shit, repeatedly lied to, left in pain for years and left homeless when I’ve not been convicted of a single thing.

But I hear stories of how you get treated a lot better if your amoral or a criminal and with rid story I cannot help but wonder if this is proof of that.

I would have done the same, by the way, .. because he is a criminal and I do not know what other crimes he is capable of .. like murder for instance?!

Also .. what if there were children in the house? I would certainly and easily kill someone that broke into my home and children were present. I know someone that did this and lopped off a burglar’s hand and he went to prison and I thought how fucking backwards it was to imprison him?!


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