Well what do you know?

The company I beat in court, Shop Direct and owners of both Very, Littlewoods and I thought Isme too are having some difficulties. They are closing three warehouses and calling out unfortunate.

Using a language I’m used to with them they’re devoid of facts they claim they are doing this to help their expansion. Which bizarrely means replacing three warehouses with just one?!

Added to this it also turns out that after spending years selling refurbished crap to its customers as brand new items for ridiculous amounts of interest .. the owners also own at least one national newspaper The Daily Telegraph?! What .. the .. actual .. fuck?!

Are the powers that be really that intent on completely fucking the UK that they would allow the methods of its destruction from every single angle possible?!

I cannot help but wonder how many other owners of big business .. especialy those getting up to no good which, let’s be honest, is probably most if not all of them, also own national newspapers or TV News networks?!


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