I’m fucked.

No .. really.

According to this scientific study many of us that have trouble sleeping well become familiar with death a lot sooner than others.

Ooh craaaap! That means .. night workers too?!

I have to look into this deeper before I post this because I simply don’t understand it. How can this be?

What was occurring or what was noticed due them to even begin a study like this?!

I honestly would never have thought anything .. like this .. ever.

Sleep is a needed thing that all animals have to do and .. well .. not everyone .. or everything .. sleeps at night. In fact some animals have puzzled us for years how they ever manage to sleep at all .. like ..

How do Dolphins sleep? Whales, even? See?!

Sleep has been both a mystery to me and a bugbear for many, many years.

Along with one other bodily requirement and it’s two connected things of food and waste it’s the third thing that holds us back. It’s probably been responsible for countless deaths that would be staggering to discover. Well by that .. I mean accidents because of feeling tired, sleepy or even falling asleep. Like at the wheel of a car? Or operating dangerous machinery?

It’s one of those things that when I have harped on about Fibromyalgia being ignored that readers would realise on their own.

I really don’t like and try not to spell everything out for everyone. I like people to go off, even in a tizz or angry with me and then realise later and come back. It just had not happened as much as I liked or expected. Well I’m closing in on a million but I thought I’d be closing in on ten million after all this time?! Ooh well .. still helping.

So yeah .. I’m a little surprised and taken aback with this one.

Night owls more likely to die earlier than morning larks, first study finds http://flip.it/PsZBK0


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