Oh my word?!

I seriously don’t believe this story below but I’m happy someone .. somewhere .. has said .. something.

Bishops, no less, have urged ministers to scrap the two child benefit cap?!

Now .. interestingly this effects my own daughter but I don’t know how the fuck they managed to do that? Because my grandchildren were all born prior to the two child cap coming into play.

When I pointed out to my daughter, who had absolutely no say in having children due to her .. husband (loosely), she said they found a way around it.

Bizarrely enough this was going to be one of the prime things, though somewhat .. down the list, that was going to be released .. publicly at some point in the near future.

So the timing of this is like everything else I’ve exposed, proved, predicted and theorised about..

Looks suspicious!

The likelihood of this happening was always high and had I thought about the possibility of the timing I would have realised why..

Because when the series of things, events and lack of help along with the hounding and harassment are released .. everyone is going to look bad. Everyone!

In fact if I think about it .. I can’t think of anyone who won’t look extremely bad. Oh-oh the fire service I suppose? No involvement with them, thank God!

Each thing will look very bad. Some things will look extremely bad. Others will come as a shock to those that discover things from the .. reveals and they will just keep on coming.

However .. when you combine all of these things together .. you simply will not think it possible for any human being to have gone through what they have. You then won’t be able to accept that they were left for dead, tossed to one side and refused any help at all. You just won’t. And .. it will get worse.

There was even talk of a series .. though I still have my suspicions that .. someone is either .. quelling this or .. will do.

It’s absolutely certain that a .. specialist in this sort of thing, who is involved, went over the top crazy in the beginning but then went quiet. This was after the period of time when he said that certain people won’t ever worry about money ever again. He also stated that a certain someone would .. live wherever they wanted’.

As life altering as that may sound .. it doesn’t solve all the issues and one very major and very shocking one .. remains. One that no amount of money can buy you out of.

But if this set of catastrophes can happen to one person close to me then they must have happened to others. What worries me is that it could be many, many others.

Sure .. the list of catastrophes in our case numbers well over a dozen .. maybe closer to two dozen?! Any one of these can easily shock ..

Except .. there are the dozen or so things that have happened and some still happening to me?!

Hers are mine and mine are hers.

In our individual cases .. that makes two to three dozen each. This only includes the major ones.

Someone just enduring one or two of these things could and probably will seem impossible to many. Combined though?! It .. will take some .. believing.

I’ve had that battle for a long time now and have used this blog to get things across. In the hope of helping others avoid traps that you .. really, really don’t want to find yourself in.

I believe .. though it’s been downgraded, once again, back into hope, that this year of 2018 will be the last.

I believe that six months from now I won’t have to do any more .. convincing?

Fingers crossed.

But now someone has said something about the benefits cap that affects children. I hope they realise there are several .. invisible caps for children?

But ..

The truth is that despite my frustrations about my blogs going viral .. or just reached ten times more than they have over nearly six years ..

.. the fact is .. that everything I’ve worked towards on my blogs have gradually come out in the media .. not all but a great many.

So .. to me the more I do and the longer I’m at this .. the more they seems to come out so stopping seems pretty stupid.

Between my posting and things being exposed literally ranges from a little under two days, to many weeks, months and very often .. years.

A couple of days is great.

A few weeks is OK by me.

Many months is acceptable to me.

Years? This is .. disappointing but .. of that’s what it takes then that’s what it takes ..

.. only .. it has!

I was telling people a decade ago .. discovered a lot more over five years .. then started blogging and continued to discover as the time passed me by .. all five and a half years of it. Well .. more than that as I hit six years in late August. I think it was the 22nd?

Six years .. blogging to help and inform others.

I think it’s well over 3,500 posts and I believe over 3,600 to be more precise?

So there’s finally some signs that signal a possible ending in a few different ways?

I must have in my possession the biggest damned hour glass .. in the world??

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: Remove two-child benefit cap, bishops urge ministers – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/education-43669879


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