Yeah .. see this one coming from five miles out. Sorry Mike! Oldfield.

Problem with business rates rises and other business costs?!

More high street shops destined to vanish?!

Yeah the high street was destroyed for me years ago as one by one the only things I was interested in vanished from my local town centre. Leaving just one thing of interest I couldn’t afford. Watches ..

namely Tag Heuer and Omega .. though the latter vanished from Earnest Jones. Nothing like that near here and you need at least one bus. I think?

Yeah .. it was fucking obvious years ago that raising absolutely anything at all would force more shops to close.

This will inevitably leave only online retailers who have not only been cheating various tax payments but do not have the same costs high street stores anyway.

But yeah .. I pretty much knew that the government both central and local were soo incompetent that they would not do what needs to be done and just keep letting costs rise.

I have long wondered how many years it will be before you get a whole side of a high street somewhere in the UK where every store is closed? I also wondered how much longer it would take before you get the entire street closed?!

It’s like the tax in plastic bottles .. are you fucking stupid? On top of sugar tax? Way to get two lots of tax from the exact same thing when you already are getting one lot of tax .. or more?!

What? Have the councils not been disposing of plastic bottles previously so they have refused to deal with them and tossed them in the nearby river and they have been winding up in the Pacific?

Or could it be that the Chinese are not buying the plastic bottles off them anymore and they are missing that influx of cash, getting used to another stash of money yet again that they shouldn’t and are now coming up with bullshit to find a way of claiming the missing money in the form of yet another tax?!

We pay for the disposal of our rubbish. We put in extra effort and have five for years to pre-sort out rubbish so that it can be recycled ..

Except now they are telling us they have not been recycling them?!

Now we have to pay a tax on the plastic bottles because of the fishes and animals in the sea? Why yes .. this money is going to make all that plastic in the oceans disappear?!

No. Your just paying for the umpteenth mistake they local and central government have become very adept at doing the lady two decades. Make absolutely stupid mistakes helped by a bunch on stupid scientists and stupid Doctors. Professionals that should be ashamed to refer to themselves as such. Because they are thick.

Yeah well don’t come crying to me when the amount of plastic in the oceans ends up being a lot higher than it is now five years from now. Especially when you then realise how much the British people have paid by then and where all the money has gone?!

Of course by then there would have been half a dozen to dozens of new taxes introduced for all manner of lame and utterly stupid reasons.

Now excuse me I need to take out a second mortgage to buy caster sugar and some fresh orange juice. Ooh wait?! Fresh orange juice is not taxed? Despite the fact it has the same amount of sugar and just as destructive to teeth?!

Watch a lot of companies go out of business from here on out. Unless, of course, so many companies have bought each other out and they are all owned by just one or two large companies anyway?

Ooh fuck it! I’m going to hibernate until all the idiots have left. Wake me up when that happens!

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: Business rates changes ‘are threat’ to High Streets –


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