So as you will see below we are back with the Liverpool Echo local newspaper.

It seems I just can’t escape this particular rag?

I was sent this by my daughter and I could not believe what the story was about or the name of the poor girl that died. Added to this was how long ago this was?!

What are the chances of this?!

The first instance of a young woman under the age of 25 having cervical cancer other than my daughter and she not only lived in the same council borough but has the same fucking name?! What makes this even harder to accept without becoming fucking furious with my own country and government is this was back in 2012?! Six bloody years ago and they were calling to lower the age of smear tests back then?!

My daughter, also called Sophie, said “Dad, the minimum age of shear years in Scotland is 20” to which I pointed out even that minimum age would not have helped this poor girl as she was 19! I then said ..

What is it with this fucking smear test and that fucking stupid law?!”

I can see me going on a very personal war with this country and the government before very long!

If they thought I was a headache already they have no idea and better not put me into a position where I have nothing to lose?!

There are a lot of things I would not only dearly love to do but have dreamed of doing for a very, very long time now.

It had been becoming every more clearer that there exists an absolutely disgusting disregard for human life by the current Tory British government that has also existed with the previous Labour government.

My skin is currently crawling at the thought of these governments and this .. disgusting attitude.

Makes me sick to my stomach when I think of how they wax lyrical about their care and sympathy for the plights of people of another land.

Ooh it’s a bit like when I thought the European Union might actually give a shit about the British people and they didn’t give any help to even the disabled people of British society.

When are the majority going to stop voting on hypocritical, two faced, amoral morons?!

Hmm .. mind you of they all are I don’t suppose there is much you can do about it .. except abstain.

Ahh that’s because everyone that’s moral doesn’t bother voting anymore meaning only the amoral ones that vote for selfish reasons remain!

Ahh yes it makes sense now. The amoral, selfish and heartless politicians have driven those that vote with morals in mind away from the ballot box.

That’s why this country has been getting worse for the last thirty years plus!

If someone else also called Sophie had cervical cancer before the age of 20 and in the same borough then there must be a lot across the entire country?!

So where are the figures? Where are the charities shouting from the rooftops about this?!

Where are the fucking women’s TV programmes talking about this on the fucking TV?! No I guess an actress getting two million instead of five is far more important?!

Jesus H. Christ!

This is a young woman with cervical cancer, my Fibromyalgia and on top of all that a severely Autistic daughter, possibly another, four children in all living with her and .. only half her rent being awarded annnnd ..

Refused DLA for her Autistic child!

Every single public service tasked to protect vulnerable and sick people and children not just letting them down but kicking them once they are down!

No point in them existing .. the amoral can save even more money by abolishing them all ..

.. I mean they are not paying out anywhere near as many benefits and before long .. won’t be paying out any benefits at all. That’s their long term plans according to many anyway.

So abolish them all.

Got this damn court case of my own too which is getting at me and I’m having damn heart issues and with still no Doctor to talk to.

Jesus Christ, these amoral wankers really have this planned out and tied up well.

I foresee an increase in frequency in deaths and all I’ve come to know in recent times is death.

I’ve lost count of the number of deaths, in fact, that’s occurred in my life in recent years.

Yet the one I’d happily accept still continues on in distress, anxiety and pain not to mention these damn palpitations and chest discomfort.

And what a time to quit smoking to hope improving these symptoms.

Oh any my medical records are full of shit too .. yes I have them ..

Diverticulitis down to pills? Umm nope just as I told them at the time and I haven’t taken the offending pills for a couple of years.

Falling unconscious down to pills? Umm nope and take a guess at what I also told those most intelligent of people and what I have not been taking the last couple of years?!

Yeah .. I still blackout and two days ago I spent 18 hours in bad pain and basically the symptoms I thought previously might be Diverticulitis.

Your paying for all these self entitled wankers.

I stated to someone in the last few hours .. or was it yesterday? I stated that as well as being in my current situation with more to think about that any single human mind should .. well more symptoms than any human body should .. that I get weary of it all.

The lies, the amoral people, the corruption, the health issues and the situation along with the battles and the pain.

I just get so tired of it all at times.


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