Currently I am having some real difficulties getting my prescription drugs, some of which keep me alive, which is the fault of the NHS every single step of the way.

I have emailed NHS England three times, emailed the local hospital that has a Walk-In Centre twice, where I am supposed to be able to get my prescriptions, and I have visited a pharmacy and a GP Surgery.

The GP Surgery told me to go to the hospital or ring NHS England and the hospital and NHS England told me to ring ‘111’. Who are not Doctors. Go figure. Oh and the pharmacy, who are supposed to give out emergency drugs, also told me to ring ‘111’. It is an absolute mess and I wondered if I had just gotten off a boat from a foreign country if I could get drugs the very same day?

Then I heard that there has been a spate of foreigners with take-way restaurants, we no doubt provided money for them to set up, that have been rigging their gas and electric meters to get free fuel and that has been going on a long time, as it turns out. Hence why the rest of us have such high energy prices.

Well now I have to post a link to the dreaded Daily Mail because a Muslim man who was apparently planning to blow up Big Ben has been found to have two council houses. Reason ..

Because his wife wanted her independence?!

Say what now?!

I kid you not.

Taking money and properties when British people cannot get a single thing, I know because I have tried even as a disabled person there is nothing there.

Now it turns out they are not taking just a single fucking council house but two and I wonder how often this has been occurring too?!

Makes me think of the ones in Poland that were given money to set up there own shop and then killed a young Polish kid for stealing a can of Coke! Saw that one on YouTube and a load of locals went down and caved the front of the shop in with bricks and other items used as projectiles.

Right deep into the most miserable time in the UK’s long history with people not only at an all time low, finding out they are being conned, lied to and refused help despite the serious situations they may be in and now this is going to be going around.

The more I think we may soon turn a corner the more I get tagged or linked to things that show it will only get worse.

I still cannot get over it .. a Muslim woman wanting her independence from her Muslim husband and actually gets grated this?! Yeah .. right!


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