Well I simply don’t believe it.

I’ve had my suspicions about certain courts in this land but now I know the truth and it’s plain to see.

I’ve also had my fear that leaving the European Union might be used by the British government to abuse people even more than they have. It might seem odd then that I voted to leave because the EU didn’t give a shit about the disabled people in the UK. Well that was one of three reasons and I contacted a few in Europe about the issue a few years back. Nothing happened .. even when you draw them a picture they are only interested in serving themselves, getting billions in cash and dictating the rules to countries that later destroy communities and create divisions over time.

Well .. yeah .. the government have decided to not even wait until we leave the EU. They planned to go to court some months ago in what was claimed to take away the human rights of disabled people.

I thought this preposterous .. I truly did and a waste of the taxpayers money.

Except .. they won?!

As it turns out Esther McVey had been mentioned in the Canary report below.

It also turns out that what they have done is to allow the tribunals to ignore the European laws on human rights. Someone took them to court over bedroom tax and I’m not familiar with the case, if I’m honest. Kinda hard to keep track of anything right now.

But .. despite the fact that they have gotten the tribunals to ignore these .. they can’t get higher court, or just the high court, to ignore them?!

Sorry but how the fuck does that work?!

What is happening here effectively is them putting into practice what has been going on for a very, very long time. Deliberately create situations where it takes so long to do anything that you out people off. While at the same time make things too expensive to pursue.

Even one couple, the Carmichael’s, said that they were stressed and tired and didn’t want to pursue the case any longer, despite being told they had the right to appeal.

And there in is their plan on action.

There had been this weird attitude within the public services that had gone on for decades and gradually gotten worse and worse. That everyone and everything to do with government and public services takes an ever increasing amount of time.

They clearly have no understanding on the concept of time!

Funny .. you would think that ‘time’ was one of those basic fundamental things that everyone understands even as a child. If you have a toy boat on the river and a wind picks up blowing it away .. unless your quick .. your going to lose it.

That’s time.

Time also costs money. Money is another basic fundamental thing they also no longer understand.

Now they don’t understand how laws or human rights work either.

Hmm I wonder if they understand the concept of a revolution?!

On a serious note .. when I was told of this court win last night by my daughter I said how typical it was that this occurred just before I appear at a tribunal?! I simply could not believe the timing?!

I also discovered last night that the cancer was worse than they thought .. which not only made things suddenly focus for me while my heart palpitations went through the roof but .. they have never fucking told us what they fucking thought!! Though it does explain .. some thing pretty serious that has been occurring from time to time. We get the full results, or at least that is when they were supposed to turn up, in two weeks.

As they stated that it would reach stage two within a year .. I am guessing that time has been shortened somewhat and as they stated that in January (2017) and it is now March?!

Jesus Christ .. you simply cannot make this stuff up .. you really cannot.

Missed cancer in one, death of an unborn baby for her best friend is another, missed disability and refusing to diagnose, or delaying as long as they can, a severe disability in a child and two attempts to make them both homeless one around a couple months ago and one ongoing.

With all this .. what is even the point of having laws if there are no human rights?!

I mean if you cannot do anything just for the people I know, my daughter with her cancer, separate disability and four children with one of two having a clear, severe and dangerous disability then who the hell is going to get anything in the way of financial or emotional support or even the correct health treatment?!

Think about this for a moment .. if you do not come close to even a single ailment I have mentioned, say the cancer for example, then what chance do you, your mother, child or anyone else have when things go wrong?

If my heart does not give out completely over the coming weeks I will surely be shocked.


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