I find this business with the acquiring and misuse of users data at Facebook a bit odd.

I mean if something has taken place then people need to be prosecuted but ..

  • I didn’t read anything about Donald Trump on Facebook
  • Will anyone have the guts to arrest or subpoena anyone as high up as Mark Zuckerberg?

I never liked him or Facebook. But I don’t know about all this .. wondering if something is being done for the wrong reasons that will later put paid to anyone being prosecuted for the misuse of data ever again? Well anyone that has gotten too big, that is?

I knew Donald Trump would win the US election but it wasn’t through Facebook that I realised this. It was through YouTube!

So yeah .. I find it odd that Facebook is the one being mentioned. But I guess it’s possible that everyone commenting on YouTube received misinformation on Facebook that I missed.

I had an .. annoying phone conversation with someone I know back to accusing someone they have never met about being a liar. That same someone I am waiting to hear from still as it turns out what was, I thought, a routine meeting about her cancer was in fact the Good damn operation for their cancer.

So I’ve been feeling it somewhat since around 10.30am. Since I spotted the gown in a video call I realised something wasn’t right. I did mention in my last post that I wondered if it was kept from me so that I wouldn’t worry?

It’s an operation that can do wrong and even if successful .. the cancer can come back aggressively!

That’s if the public services don’t out her and her four children out on the street within a year?!

Oh .. just had a text .. it’s not the operation .. it’s to see how deep the cancer goes into the skin.

Fuck I’ve been dying for hours over this. Even having heart palpitations the last three hours or so and watching three John Wayne films in quick succession to try and take my mind off of it. Until the damn picture goes again, like it has right now!

I at least want to know what happened between John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara.

If this thing with Facebook is just someone looking for a scapegoat over this perceived intervention over the US election it could be sure consequences later on.

In any failure to prove anything the fallout would be so great that in future no politician, American, British or European, would ever want to go to against anyone too large ever again.

Apple, Amazon, Google and Facebook will continue to individually take over the world and there would be no one left with the guts out even the power to oppose them.

So if this is being done over more sour grapes over Donald Trump being elected then it could bring about the very thing they fear. Someone taking control of everything in the western world later on.

Well at least of that takes place then country by country there will cease to be a need for government. I am not exactly sure what they are doing right now? Other than lying to their own people and breaking promises. Going after the poor and the weak too. At least they are here in the UK. To the point that I’m ashamed to be British and wonder if there is a country that gives a shit about its poor and it’s disabled people?!

Many of those big names in computing have shown that despite their desperate desire to appear left wing and socialists .. like everyone else .. when it comes to money and power they are most definitely as right wing as you can get. I’ve seen no evidence in fifteen years that any of them give a rat’s arse about the poor and disabled people either in the US or here in the UK.

It will be interesting to see how this pans out over the coming months.

Those holding tart tasting grapes had better be wary. Wary of me because I will rip you a whole, hole, set on new ones of this is just trying to get at something you hate. All because you cannot accept what democracy stands for.

Well I say .. ‘democracy’ but I’ve seen little evidence of democracy helping people in any way shape or form in recent times. It’s like this system was set up to benefit everyone but they just find ways around it. Make it appear it’s a democracy but in reality it is anything but.

Though in recent times it’s not just me anymore as for a number of years just about everyone has stated the following to me ..

What’s the point in voting?! Nothing ever changes!”

This means that everyone thinks that everything had more or less remained the same for a very, very long time. Not just when the Tories got in power but for a lot longer.

I remember when Tony Blair first got in power and things appeared to change. But then before long it just went back to the same old shit.

I wonder if they think it’s been the same since the dreaded Margaret Thatcher was Prime Minister? Probably.

Oddly enough .. the firm they are accusing is a British firm called Cambridge Analytics .. or something? Lol.

Just more of this annoying ‘fake news’ crap. Never seems to go away does it now?

Facebook Exit Hints at Dissent on Handling of Russian Trolls


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