Well it is still going on .. but there are a couple of things I have noticed about this 38 Degrees petition to Jeremy Hunt about buying General Practitioners off to not refer people to hospital ..

  • It has taken a lot longer than I thought to get to 200,000 signatures .. over a week longer?!
    • Amoral society, anyone?
  • No mention of punishment to anyone about giving these incentives or accepting
  • The 38 Degree web-page manages to continue flashing up people donating and signing
    • Even when the Internet has been down for over an hour?!
I dud email 38 Degrees about this last point and have no no response.
In the email I told them that the one thing that gave me hope is organisations out there that help or start petitions to help causes are against the lies and corruption rife in central and local government as well as the rest of the public services. So why does their web-page appear to be lying to me?
You would think that a reasonable explanation would have been forthcoming? Being a website for good causes you do not want people thinking that they are lying to them too?!
Anyway the petition is still ongoing and I thought I would do an update while trying to drum up a few more signatures .. if the petition is legit, of course.
Note that the petition amount is 200,315 and is still rising but I noticed it slowed down a fair bit.
Made me think how odd this is and ..
  • Did a lot of people see it but mostly are amoral idiots that did not sign it?
  • Does even 38 Degrees and not reach enough people?!
  • Things go viral and I for one, and probably others, posted this on 3 separate Facebook pages, my own wall, one on Universal Credit complaints where I am one of the admins and .. on an NHS Corruption page .. so how has this not gone viral!
I heard of a recent report about a lady left in a hallway of a hospital for a couple of days with a broken back too?! Hmm just remembered that and let me take .. a look?
Ah .. found them .. one link to the story in The Mirror below and one by The Independent ..
Funny then that I watched BBC’s Click and listened to a woman stating that they do not agree with robot/AI (Artificial Intelligence) Doctors and nor do they agree with this new health service where you deal with your health online and no need to see a GP. When asked if AI could ever replace a real Doctor you could see she was confused about how to answer before stating “I would be very surprised if it ever happened in my lifetime”.
Yeah .. because you cannot lie to and fob off your patients to save money.
Or in other words .. the fucking backlash you would get if the government started programming robots, Androids and AI to lie to the public would be catastrophic. They would show their depravity and everyone would ask .. what next?!
The very idea of the rules about not causing a human harm would be broken at the AI’s first inception of dealing with people. We are talking about health here so lying to and fobbing off human’s to save money would be forcing them to endure their pain and therefore causing them harm!
Or in other words it wont happen in her lifetime because they will never be allowed to program AI, Robots or Androids to pull the tricks they have been pulling.
If she genuinely has no idea what has been going on in the NHS for a very long time then she is purely and simply extremely narrow minded. I have seen big changes going on already and even Spencer Kelly stated that all everyone is talking about now is AI. Graphics cards are being mass produced for deep learning projects and this is happening right bloody now! In ten years time it is going to be a very different place as far as AI is concerned and .. hell .. it is probably going to look very different in as little as five years. Did no one tell her about quantum computers?!
Oh and the very last link is one report by the Daily Mail asking why so many Accident and Emergency departments are missing broken bones?!
Yeah .. the last time I checked broken bones were not only fucking obvious and things that stands out but that x-rays were not that expensive, compared to things like MRI or CAT scans!

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