It is funny as I was having this conversation with my daughter and it basically talked about being found by something I can only label as a saviour.

I thought about this somewhere between a year or two after I started blogging. Many I know thought I was wasting my time and that I would get nowhere. Odd as I thought only those that gave up got nowhere? After awhile they were surprised at the numbers I was getting and still are, but there hope of a year or two turned back into their original negativity. This comes about because their idea of what I am doing is very different from my idea of what I am doing and why I started doing it in the first instance.

There was one other thing they had not considered and this was a deeper understanding of what those numbers are. You might be now thinking about who they are that visit my various posts within this blog but more importantly it is what they do. Or at least with some of them.

I pointed out that out of the tens and now the hundreds of thousands that have visited my blog about what they do for a living? What they do as a career?

  • Solicitors? (well the ones with hearts)

  • Literary Agents?

  • Newspaper reporters?

  • Magazine article writers?

  • TV News investigative journalists?

  • Media Agents?

  • People heading up a cause fighting against all that I have been embroiled with?

    • NHS complaints

    • Police complaints

    • Local Council complaints

    • DWP complaints

    • Disability complaints

    • Help & Advice organisation complaints?

    • Ombudsman complaints

    • Retail fraud?

    • Bailiff complaints?

DO not bother with people like Citizen’s Advice as they are useless, clueless and simply never get animated. Not if your even remotely like I am.

Once I had stated this people’s minds began to tick over and you could very literally watch I happen as I talked.

I then said that they also needed to consider all the evidence that I provided, which is not even 10% of what I have, in all the recordings and documents I have posted.

What I had hoped they would realise and they did was that at some point there was bound to be people that had the careers listed above. Also that as each in turn visited that one of each might actually decide to pick this up and run with it?

Now what it takes in the numbers to achieve this I do not know and this is what I stated to my daughter on the phone. Would it take fifty thousand before I got a journalist? Or would it take more like half a million or more? Then how many of these would visit before someone realised there was something in all of this?

They would be, despite my best intentions, turn out to be veritable saviours.

Very recently we thought we found one? Or to be more accurate that he found us? In the beginning there was loads of big naming going on and big talk. But now we are not quite so sure and he is behaving very suspiciously and asking for unrealistic things.

As I said to my daughter either he has been bought out or the news media groups he is talking to are showing no interest because they have been ordered not to. Most likely because of me and this very blog and the damage I could do if it went mainstream?

At one point I was expecting to see my daughter here in London because he talked about her going off to London, First Class and in a top hotel before appearing on This Morning or even being interviewed by Panorama. These were just two of over half a dozen names he liked to drop like proverbial rocks. The Wright Stuff was another.

I simply do not know what is worse here .. the public services that have lied to us and cheated us or the one that stalked the courts like a Hawk .. contacted us and then not only showed us a way out but promised us too and then goes quiet. This goes on way over the longest period of time he states for things happening, which was one to six weeks, and has us getting down about it because he provided us with a nice snug rug and then pulled it from beneath our feet and while we was not looking. Sitting here like a couple of fucking melons thinking he was doing his thing and we would finally get justice for all of us and get out of the darkest of limbos we are trapped within. Cheers man, nice! You might just be about a month or two away from turning out worse than everyone else who at least told us they were fucking us as they did it. Through lies, yeah but we knew what to expect. Or at least I did except they went somewhat further than even I ever thought they would. If I had realised this earlier I could have done something to counteract this?

This agent also talked about setting up a site for donations saying that people like to gove money to causes like ours. Yeah well .. that does not rely on any media groups, newspapers, magazines or TV shows getting back to him about it. So why has he not set this up?!

I tried it but it didn’t work. It might be like the 38 Degree GP petition that took over a week to get over 200,000 signatures to send to Jeremy Hunt about stopping the NHS paying General Practitioners to not refer patients off to hospitals and specialists. Also pay them not to give out expensive drugs too as I asked for Pregabalin for five years, was promised it .. they pulled it and they tried to label me as first mad and when that did not work they tried to label me as violent.

I had long since had my own saviour in mind and that was Google. Until little by little things came out about and against Google and I started to make me wonder?

The idea being that after helping as many people as I could for a very long time that eventually Google and their Adsense advertising would pay off. When it became obvious this goal always seemed to remain just out of sight it became obvious that getting the numbers would be hard. But then when it did arrive it would open the doors to other things. Effectively being its own way out for me and therefore I would be able to help others. Only that time of helping others became a necessity and occurred a damn site earlier than I expected it to. By about a year by my reckoning if I am honest.

Unfortunately as my plans were being shunted forwards without my being aware of it I was also going through my own thing with some public services that were supposed to be helping me. Only and quite unfortunately I was to get to the thirteenth hour, yeah literally and not the eleventh, I was to be stabbed in the back. By this time I had no way of stopping to pull the large knife from my back and then made a load of errors, caused by my short term memory issues, that were to become a real .. pain. I was then witness to the same public services stabbing someone else in the back I had relocated 240 miles away to help. This in turn was like being stabbed in the back a second time over while the first knife was wedged in my spine.

Of course once the numbers had risen above the level needed for a small and regular income to be paid each month the numbers would allow other things. Like publishing my bloody books at long last. I wrote them prior to staring this blog, had single literary agents interested but thinking they were too big for them and larger agents seemingly uninterested.

So I started blogging and left the books on the back-burner, so to speak, until such a time I might have commanded a large enough audience. I estimate that when my main and most popular of all my blogs goes from the 158,000 it is now to over 200,000 I would have finally reached this milestone? Fingers crossed!

My daughter has now found out that this waiting for something that is either inevitable of something that you have been promised is a killer. Especially when you have gone right past the longer of the time period you were promised by said person. I told her this is what I have had to deal with for a long time and that the only time something did work out in my favour and that being my inheritance .. someone stole half of it before it even arrived. The rest was taken because of the evil, bloodsucking Tory party and the evil vampire like public services and local government. Nice!

So .. we are still waiting on something that is a couple of weeks late without any data provided to date on when it might happen. Nice.

We are waiting to see if a court case gets won that would seriously help me raise my mood levels, get outta hell and help others.

We are waiting to see if the year long plus time span that has passed by since my adverts have been missing will now mean that I finally make an income?

Of course I am still waiting to see if someone will buy my Land Rover Discovery .. which might be kept .. depending on what happens with this effing media agent and mainly the outcome of the court hearing.

Waiting .. waiting .. waiting .. and .. waiting.

Oh and there is the other waiting to see if they admit and pay for a child with fairly severe Autism who is extremely loud, new neighbours have now complained, and extremely destructive as well as extremely wasteful. Yeah .. there is that. Hopefully it will take place before someone gets seriously hurt. A fatal cancer, very possibly a second case of Autism and .. two cases of disability that does not include the two with Autism. Yeah .. the shit is stacked against us if I am honest.

Though Wirral Council are going to have the arses sued off them at some point!

If this legal action succeeds it will expose twenty years of failures, fraud and conspiracy as well as a case of either incompetency in having the wool pulled over the eyes by a lying, scheming and evil thief or they wont prosecute because they teamed up with the perpetrator years ago and scared of what she might reveal in any legal battle. You pays your money you takes your choice on that one.

I always wanted to do something that might border on heroic .. actually and literally help people and .. feel like my life actually meant something .. in the end. The sad part of it is that with this eternal waiting it might take ‘the end’ before it actually means something?

But no we still wait .. still try our best and still .. work our arses off when and where we can and in some faint hope that something will pay off eventually. It is not only the waiting that is a killer in all this but also the not knowing. Not having a date where you can say ‘yes it all goes uphill from here’!

So .. sad but .. I .. no, we have to go back to the .. waiting .. and hoping.


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