I have not revealed very much on here of late .. believe that or not.

This was to protect good things happening to someone else but all I seem to have done is protect the corrupt and evil ones and a .. vampire. A vampire who is beginning to either look like the most incompetent dick you have ever come across or .. paid off.

The being paid off thing keeps coming back to my mind but .. I am sure that those at the end of the line are already controlled. But I suppose that is just one media and that is TV. Books and magazines I’m not quite so sure about and that was the start of the process.

Anyway along with whatever it is going on their unfolding, as we have no fucking idea, the public services are doing their usual fucking crap.

“Oh you have to just get over it” a so called Family Support woman said about three people when it was explained that an unborn baby had just died one week from term. Which I looking to be the hospitals fault and being sent home with the baby still inside her and dead two days earlier. It just doesn’t bear thinking about. Who in the hell would want to chance living through that from now on?!

Also .. and despite it being originally the idea of the mother .. the social worker is pressing her hard to move. Because it’s out of their area. I did ignore the bitch .. tell her what I’ve always told you about them. Tell them about the blog, I’ve had enough of the way they are treating you.

They are and have been not only don’t fuck all but all want her to fall over while deliberately holding out their proverbial legs in the hope she trips up.

Another example I discovered my youngest granddaughter had a convulsion at school. Why did she have a convulsion, I asked. Because her temperature gets too high, she replied. I replied, what? What dues that even mean? You do not have convulsions just from your temperature being too high, there must be something being triggered? She answered “exactly” which meant she tried to tell them there was more to this. She had, had convulsions before.  This is not the seriously Autistic one that’s more than a handful on her own.

Now I’m going to appear to sidetrack a little but I’m soo not.

I have a disability that stems from a sleep disorder. One of the things you experience, or I do but not for a few years, is being unable to sleep.

I cannot stress enough how much of a bloody nightmare this is, caused like so many other things by Fibromyalgia.

On the odd nights I used to go without sleep when I was much younger it was not so bad. But these days it’s a bloody nightmare!

Now this was an every single night thing .. a fucking horrible thing on its own. It went on for years and no matter what I did if I slept at all or was because I hadn’t slept the night before or it wasn’t until anywhere between 3am, at the very, very earliest, until now likely 5am to 8am and as I said .. that’s if I slept at all! Meaning that I would normally wake up between 11am and 1am and I absolutely hated that too.

This went on for several years .. three .. four .. might have been as many as eight?! I can’t recall but it was many years.

Then one day it stopped just as quickly as snapping the proverbial fingers.

Yeah .. well since being back in London I’ve had a few nights .. two in the last three nights. Hmm, might be four nights? Anyway ..

Remember I said it might seem like I have sidetracked a little? Well ..

The exact same thing is now affecting my daughter?!

If your an evil one checking this out to use it?! Yeah it’s time and date stamped and plenty of people read this blog!

This was one of the reasons I wanted her to speak to a Doctor about the Fibromyalgia, she did and was basically fobbed off with that and many other things.

If she had four normal children and because she lived alone there were many possible symptoms that could arise that could make her life a living hell.

I have had enough trouble over the years dealing with this with only myself to look after! I never eve thought about anyone with the same symptoms that had children to look after?!

Well this is now happening to my daughter!!

While someone else keeps bringing up the recently deceased child in an attempt to make her crack .. as this person can then grab a child she grabbed once before so she can get extra money. Yeah .. that happened and is explained on this blog in great detail and several years back too .. and I DID IT just for events like these because I knew they were coming and ..


See what I did there? Drah up something else I had predicted long, long ago and finally proved what I was stating back then .. that they was taking away and quite deliberately so, everyone’s basic human rights. Christ, the Tories even went to court recently to try and take that away from disabled people while another Tory stated that disabled children should be taken to the guillotine.

Some should watch an old ghost story film starring George C. Scott called The Changeling. Yeah I think that man in the story, not George C. Scott, must have descended from the Tories in the UK?

Everyone is either waiting or trying to cause my daughter to crack up for no other reason that shifting a lot of blame .. yeah sorry but that is never going to work. Or for personal gain and .. yeah, once again that is never going to work.

Then out of the blue and as I predicted someone comes a long with a website that could be better and offer a way out and a way out that would take place in anywhere from one to six weeks.

“Oh six weeks from now you wont even be living here!” he stated when my daughter said she could get some carpet for her new house. The only way you say something like that is when you think that the person will make so much money that they will buy their own home.

First payment was supposed to take place in six weeks .. another donations fund would be set up and magazines and the words ‘serial’ was used several times. He text or phoned most days for about two weeks and then it just stopped.

Upon being asked if anything had happened he simply replied “scheduling takes time, it can take months” and I said so is the man a liar or a fucking idiot that does not know his own profession? IF .. you can call it a profession?!

Yeah well .. take a wild guess at what period just went by without a fucking thing being known? The six week period where the first cheque was supposed to be arriving and we do not even have a fucking date!

Soooo take a guess at what we both think is going on here?! From one extreme full of talk to one day suddenly everything going quiet? If you peruse this blog far enough back you will find this exact same thing happening to me once before .. an interception took place back then.

“You were right, Dad. You have been right about everything!” and my daughter was talking about the last ten years .. not the last few weeks.

I fucking wish to God I had been wrong about everything, I really do and for both our sakes and that of my grandchildren’s. But we are now being condemned to a slow death while suffering so that it does not show up as a series of murders, basically.

I get annoyed ften when I write and it probably shows but that is because I get annoyed that the British people might now all think like these Tories and public services?

The extreme left and the extreme right both treating the British people like trash and willing to kill them off, effectively culling them, to help them with their numbers and spreadsheets. Despite the fact that they cannot count!

Oh yeah .. if I have heard nothing constructive from this so-called agent in a week he is getting an email and if nothing happens within two weeks after that I am naming him on here because .. he has broken a shed load of rules and would look to have been bought off by then. Would not be the first time with me, either!

He said a load of shite that did not happen. I even had to talk my daughter back down to Earth stating that it wont happen within a week that is a vampire like bullshit to get you to sign a document .. in other words it sales talk and take no notice of it. I said it is more likely to be four to six weeks but, yeah .. any earlier would be great.

It could have ended her woes and I could then return to help her so she can sort out her various illnesses .. yeah Fibromyalgia and one lot of cancer. I say ‘one lot’ because that was the first of three separate lumps they looked at. They have not looked at the other two yet!

Yeah .. I fucking kid you .. NOT!

Oh yeah and the dumb-arses are unaware of one more thing .. I have fucking recordings!! What? Did you actually think I would ever stop?! Dumb-arses!!

Oh and the last time I looked? Yeah this would have been prior to moving up to the dreaded Wirral and I had passed 500,000 visitors.

So since then .. probably around July 2017 but may have been months earlier .. I passed half a million visitors. So I am now heading for a million. For all I know I may have passed this milestone? I doubt it, but you never know. I did have at least one post go a bit mad and was read thousands of times just in the first few weeks. Typical it was about Aussie flu and so was a self-preservation stampede. I was hoping it would kill me personally. Lol.

Now you see why I worry about having nothing in place to declare my death or, God forbid, OUR deaths should anything happen?

The likelihood increases all the time.


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