Well what do you know?

I have been meaning to post this for several days but I have been preoccupied with .. a barrage of symptoms and kept forgetting to do it.

In the distant past, well it has now been going on for a decade, many online like DPAC and its members constantly blamed organisations like Atos for the bad treatment of disabled people. I was constantly telling them that it was not Atos on their own. They believed that if the Department of Work and Pensions knew of their activities they would get rid of them. I stated as a matter of fact that Atos were merely doing what they were told to do.

Many would not accept these facts.

They know it now.

I got into trouble once online for stating that it was planned by the government to have their new disability living allowance, suspiciously named Personal Independence Payments, was to disappear by 2020 and become part of Universal Credit. Boy that one set of a fire too! People were demanding that I get my post kicked off along with myself?! It took me by surprise, the reaction.

I often wonder how different things might have been even for my daughter, my grandchildren and myself had people listened to me way back when?

What the DWP were not willing to do is get their own hands dirty .. and the governments plan went just as intended. Everyone aiming their ire at the hired thugs when it was the DWP and the government all along.

Several years have gone by of screwing people’s lives over for money.

But finally the DWP are up to the tricks and been caught at it that they have previously hired others to do .. and this one is a bit of a doozey ..

They have been asking leisure centres for video footage of anyone with a disability so that they can then take their money away. Their disability. Except it is not that simple ..

When I consider myself .. I can never see myself ever attending a leisure centre and if I did it would only ever be for swimming. But my physical ability is only half of my issue and with the physical issues alone there are several. But it seems when I try to ignore the pain and try to do that which I want to do .. I suffer. But I suffer both physically and mentally and it is not just overdoing it and getting tired that triggers my mental health issues. Pressure and stress along with worry also do the exact same.

In other words .. there are disabilities that you cannot see on a video of someone. Hidden disabilities that I am all too familiar with. So degrading is it that you get to low points where you either do not want to wake up in the morning or pray for something terminal, like cancer. But even so I have been hearing that they even treat people with cancer like absolute shite!

Oddly enough they seem to be breaking the law to do it, article 8 of the human rights act according to someone I know who puts this on the blog in the link below. Gail Ward of DPAC ..


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