Well this is .. no this was expected.

It has been obvious to me, because I suspected they was doing this long before I started to record them, that the GP’s on the NHS were lying to their patients.

Now I did have one admit to me that this was forced upon them by the NHS trusts. Don’t do referrals for expensive scans, don’t refer due expensive treatment, don’t diagnose and don’t prescribe expensive drugs. Also don’t tell the patient’s why otherwise you get kicked off the NHS. Nice.

She quit our of disgust for the NHS.

A couple years later I had a pharmacist admit they were to to no good after a massive drop in drugs prescribed which forced them to throw away drugs that were passing their ‘use by’ dates. They were then not re-ordering many drugs for this reason.

The trouble with this coming out was pretty evident very early on.

Who would believe this was going on? Not many let me tell you.

Out of all the people that haven’t visited my blog .. just who would suspect that hospitals and GP practices works actually lie? Especially when they swear an oath?!

There are families where one suspected, the other did not and it nearly split the families down the middle. It probably has in many cases, though I’ve not come across them personally.

But I knew it would come. Because I knew the numbers that suspected and/or discovered for themselves would grow. Albeit slowly.

I have blogged about this for more than long enough, the whole five and a half years plus I was blogging, long before I started blogging, made plenty of predictions and even supplied plenty of evidence. I even have a whole mountain of evidence I have yet to get around to publishing!

I have dozens and dozens of recordings that span over three years or more and the trouble with those is ..

  • Collectively it is way larger than their piddling amounts of free cloud storage they still offer you
  • They are not catalogued outside of the dates they were taken
  • It would take an age to go through and I was taken up by cancer diagnosis and difficult and Autistic children
  • I was meant to get someone else to go through it all but they moved away prior to me moving near them!
So are we closing in on something happening? Finally?! Old father tie knows the answers to these and many other questions.
I think the best way to prevent anything like this ever happening again is to absolutely ridicule and embarrass those that thought they were smarter than the British people as a whole. So much so that no one i the future would want the same thing ever happening to them.
After all there is such a thing as punishment and it IS supposed to be a deterrent!
Not much been happening in the way of true deterrents in recent memories.
For instance there is talk about food shortages after Brexit?
Oh so forget the scaremongering for a moment? Your stating that because they wont receive loads of free money they do not deserve, because they want money to sort out problems they refuse to, your going to hold the UK to ransom by refusing or imposing unfair and criminal like tariffs on food imports so basically threatening 60 million people with starvation?
Anyone heard of that court in The Hague?
Well war criminals get charged and sentenced because of inhuman acts towards large numbers of people, I mean that is how it works .. RIGHT?! But what about threatening acts of evil against large numbers of people?!
Also if this was the case .. I mean serious food shortages then why did we even get a referendum on it and why was none of this both realised and mentioned during the run up to the damned thing?!

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